Success Stories

Now people look at us because of what we’re wearing – not because of our size!

When you have a loyal friend for support, you can do anything you put your mind to – as best mates Liv and Sophie prove. After bonding over a shared love of vintage fashion (and food!), they embarked on a wellness journey together, losing more than 5st be

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2lb/week. Liv and Sophie lost weight on a prior programme and myWW™ and is continuing on myWW+.

So, how did you two meet?

Sophie: We worked together, and immediately discovered a mutual love of vintage clothes! It was great to find

someone who appreciated this fantastic style as much as me! We love hunting for outfits from online stores and going

to vintage events together – we even started a Facebook page called ‘Vintage-ish’ for other fans of the look.

Liv: It’s fair to say we also bonded over a mutual love of food! We both enjoy cooking, but what we make and eat now

is very different to what we’d have opted for a couple of years ago! Back then we were both constantly moaning

about our weight… usually while tucking into a calorific pizza or curry!

How did being overweight affect your lives?

Sophie: When I went to college at 16, I found it all very overwhelming and my mental health suffered as a result. I

began to binge on everything – often secretly – and constantly snacked on big bags of crisps, chocolate and

doughnuts. I did manage to lose 3st in my late teens, but my weight would yo-yo throughout my twenties. I hid behind

my ‘being the big friend’ persona, but underneath I really lacked confidence.

Liv: I’ve had issues with depression and anxiety since I was about 16 and comfort eating was my way of coping. Then,

when I got a sedentary office job a couple of years ago the weight really piled on. There was a big supermarket next

door, and I’d pop in everyday to pick up pastries or samosas for a double-whammy breakfast, and I’d regularly raid the

snack drawer. I went from wearing size-12 jeans to finding a size 16 too tight. When I went to my GP about feeling low

she suggested that my weight might be affecting my mood and self-esteem. At first, I totally dismissed what she said

but as it turned out, she was quite right.

What made you both decide to join WW?

Sophie: Before James and I got married, we went on diets for the big day, but it all went out the window straight after

the wedding, and within a year I’d piled on 2st! It was only when I went to my GP for a regular health check that I had

a proper wake-up call: I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and my blood pressure was so high I was told I’d need

medication to control it. That was the point when I decided enough was enough: a colleague at work was a WW

member and really recommended it, so I joined. I chose the Blue plan, and straightaway something clicked. Measuring

everything out properly made me realise just how disproportionally large all my portions had been up until then – it

was a total gamechanger. I lost 2st in the first six months, and then the weight steadily continued to come off.

Liv: Sophie joined WW a few weeks before me and I could see how well she was doing straight away. She was bringing

the most delicious-looking packed lunches into work as well – I couldn’t believe this was her diet! So when she was

given a free WW referral, I decided to use it to join too. Like Sophie, I followed the Blue plan to the letter, and began

to see results immediately – I lost 4lb in the first week alone! As the weeks went by, not only did the weight steadily

come off, but I started to feel so much better in myself – I found that some of the wellbeing and mindful features on

the WW app really resonated with me.

How has doing WW together helped you stay motivated?

Sophie: Having someone else who completely understands how you feel in good times and bad is fantastic.

Unexpectedly, once I started to lose weight, I had a bit of an identity crisis about what to wear and so on – it was like

dressing a different person! Liv was always there to give me encouragement and give me a boost.

Liv: We talk and text every day, so can give each other support right when it’s needed. We’re also always

recommending great dishes and snacks we’ve discovered: I’d recommend roasted chickpeas to anyone! It was also

great to have each other’s backs when we’d go out for meals with friends – it meant we didn’t feel self-conscious

about tracking or ordering healthier dishes as we were both doing it.

Has becoming WW members changed your approach to food?

Sophie: We’re definitely both still foodies – but in a much healthier way! Before lockdown, we’d regularly get together

with our partners to enjoy meals: Liv and I would go to our weekly Workshop together, then come back and I’d cook a

quick stir-fry for the four of us. We’d also go over to Liv and Davey’s once a month for a ‘special’ supper – Liv makes a

men curry – that’s would be on plan and totally delicious!

Liv: We’ve also encouraged each other to try different things: I’m vegetarian and Sophie has been surprised by how

much she enjoys the meat-free dishes I make or recommend. She’s encouraged me to be more adventurous, too. I’d

never tried Mexican food before, for instance, and now I absolutely love all the big flavours.

Have your partners adapted to your healthy-eating approach?

Sophie: Yes! James joined WW, too, this summer and is now thinking a lot more about what he eats: like me, he loves

cooking and enjoys making and trying all the WW recipes available on the app.

Liv: Davey also joined in July and has been taking it really seriously. That has really helped to keep me on track at

home, especially after such a difficult year. He’s lost more than a stone already and looks and feels great!

Are you both more active since you started your WW journey?

Sophie: I’d never really exercised properly before as I felt so self-conscious, but once I lost a bit of weight, I started the

Couch to 5k with my mum and absolutely loved it – we now go running at least three times a week, and it’s become

an essential part of my life.

Liv: I love the exercise sessions on the WW App which are fun to do. No matter how busy I am, I make sure I find time

to follow them at least once or twice a week, and I also enjoy going for really long walks, and swimming.

What’s been the best thing about losing weight?

Sophie: I think it’s the confidence that comes with it: I look and feel like a different person. I love wearing my vintage

dresses because they are so flattering, but now, bizarrely, I also enjoy dressing more casually in jeans and tighter-

fitting clothes that show off my figure.

Liv: It’s lovely to source our favourite vintage clothes in much smaller sizes now! I’m getting married next year and

wearing my size-10 wedding dress is going to be so exciting. But the very best thing has been that since joining WW, I

haven’t needed any medication to help me feel better – that is a massive achievement.