Success Stories

John: 'I'm getting healthy to look after my dog Lyle'

When a health scare spurred John on to lose 7st, it was the thought of not being there for his partner Alan and dog Lyle that kept him going.
Published 20 January, 2020

Age: 44

Weight loss: 6st 13lbs

Member type: Workshop & Digital


My journey

I've been obese all my life. I was the fat kid at school, although I never got bullied for it because I have a big personality and I never allowed myself to be. But I always wanted to lose weight. I come from a Scottish family of feeders. When I used to go around to my gran's house, she would always give me a meal - even if I was just popping in to say hi.

As an adult, I tried every diet, every shake, every pill, every witch doctor cure going to lose weight. I even considered paying for gastric band surgery. But nothing worked.

 I'd eat McDonalds for breakfast a couple of times a week. At home I would fry sausage squares and eat them in a buttered roll or with a tatty scone. At work I'd have a bacon and cheese turnover, a large latte and a pain au raisin for breakfast. Lunch would be a sausage roll, a pasty or a sandwich loaded with unhealthy fillings. And I'd always have a packet of crisps. It was all quick, on-the-go, unhealthy choices. In the evening I'd heat up ready meals, pizzas and pies with oven chips.


Turning point

Then, in December 2017, I was at the cinema and was laughing so hard I passed out. Suddenly I came to and was on my knees. I was like 'wow - what happened there?!' I went to my GP who said I was a ticking time bomb for type 2 diabetes. I didn't want to have to take medication every day, and I was scared about cutting my life short.

My partner Alan and I don't have children, but our dog Lyle is my wee boy. When we first got him I hardly ever took him for walks and I felt guilty. Then when I had my health scare, I hated the thought of not being there for Alan and Lyle. I wanted to get healthy so I could stick around for them. I am so happy with the life I have and I want to live it as long as I can, so I joined WW.


Joining WW

On my way to my first WW Workshop, I was petrified. But I just loved it. Christine, my Coach, is amazing. There's no judgement and she's relatable because she has been a WW member for 20 years. Sometimes life gets in the way of your journey and she's open about that. I think of these as speedbumps. Sometimes I hit a speedbump, but I know I just have to slow down, drive over them and keep going. And 'bouncebackability' - if I make a mistake I bounce back the next day.

WW was nothing like I imagined - there are more women in my group than men, but I've become friends with lots of other male WW members who are on Facebook and Connect. It's like I've become part of a big team and we've all got each other's backs. And as well as sharing successes, you can share your mistakes and have a laugh about it. I can tell them, 'Oh my God! I went out on Saturday, had a curry and too many drinks', and they've all been there. WW is not a cure, it's the tools you need to live a healthier life.

Alan is so proud of me and so are both our families. His mum joined WW after seeing what I'd achieved and she lost 40lb to get to goal. Recently, we went to Alan's cousin's wedding and there was me, having lost more than 6 stone, his mum, cousin, and aunty, all who have lost 3 stone each. We got a group photo taken of us together - the WW gang!