Success Stories

Joanna: ‘I just wanted my life back’

Anxious about returning to work after maternity leave and having to ask for a larger uniform, member Joanna found the motivation she needed to get healthy.
Published 5 March, 2020

Name: Joanna Dalby
Age: 35
Weight lost: 6st 10lb
WW Workshop: Arena Church Ilkeston


'I was dreading going back to work'


Having a baby turns your life upside down and I took comfort in eating. With the end of my maternity leave looming, I was dreading going back to work as a flight attendant at the size I was. A friend of mine had joined WW and I’d been a member before, so I rejoined. I was fed up of eating everything – I needed some restraint!

Since rejoining WW, eggs have become a massive part of my diet. I love banana pancakes or French toast made with Danish thins and served with cinnamon, fruit and yogurt. I eat a massive breakfast and I don’t even think about grazing. I’m back at work part-time and I do three long-haul flights a month. I always take my own meal to work and I pack plenty of healthy snacks – WW protein bars are great on the plane, and lots of fresh fruit. 


'I just feel so happy in myself again'


I don’t go to the gym so I needed to find an exercise I could do at home while Jake is napping. I started with the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home videos on YouTube, which my coach, Sally, recommended. It’s speed walking on the spot for a set amount of time. After a few months of doing that, I bought a hula-hoop. At first I couldn’t even do one rotation. Now, I can dance, walk up and down, and keep going for 45 minutes!

I didn’t really notice the change in my appearance as I was losing the weight. It seemed to just suddenly happen! I soon felt confident enough to wear strappy tops, which I never really had before. I’ve always liked wearing bright colours but have gone from hiding my body in prom-style dresses, to flattering my curves in fitted dresses. I just feel so happy in myself again.


How Joanna uses the WW app


Because of work, I have to grab food on the go and also need to be able to eat out in hotels, so I just work out the SmartPoints through the app. If I go out for a glass of prosecco with the girls, I can point that, too. One of the things WW has really helped me with the most is portion control – I still eat pasta, bread and potatoes, I just eat a lot less of them.  Using the app to work out the SmartPoints for a jacket potato, for example, has kept me in control.