Food & nutrition

'Tis the season for..., baking and saving time! December is a busy month, but we've got a party-season game plan to help keep you smiling right through to New Year's Day.

It's easy to get caught up at Christmas - there are so many things to get swept up in that the regular day-to-day can easily get away from us.

One simple but effective way to save yourself some stress when things get really busy, is to store your go-to recipes in the WW app - this can help cut back on time spent tracking. 

So instead of adding up the SmartPoints® values for each ingredient in your favourite casserole, Christmas cookie or cocktail, save the recipe for easy future use. You'll have more time to sit back and enjoy your creations.

Here's how:


1. Get started


Click on the search bar at the top of the 'My Day' screen in your WW app. There will be a row of options to scroll through - choose the 'My food' option.


2. Navigate


Choose 'recipes', then click 'create' in the top right corner. Take note of this screen - your saved recipes will live under the 'recipes' tab for access later.


3. Create


Fill in the details of your recipe: add a name, ingredients, and all the steps in the cooking process.  Your creations are now saved for future tracking!