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How to lose weight online

Wondering how to lose weight? With our 4.8* rated app, everything you need is at your fingertips.

How to lose weight online


In our increasingly digital lives, many of us tackle our to-do lists online. Shopping, banking, socialising: tasks once requiring face-to-face contact can now be completed at the click of a button, wherever we happen to be.

Convenience is the cornerstone of the WW Digital programme, explains Online Coach Marianne Parker. “There are no set times or appointments to keep,” she says. “Everything our members need is right at their fingertips.”

As the name suggests, WW Digital is a 100% online weight loss programme. Here are five reasons why WW Digital could be the perfect weight loss option for you.


1. Easy to use WW app

The WW app lets you take the programme with you wherever you go. Track your food, weight, and activity and quickly find the SmartPoints® value of any foods with the handy Barcode Scanner. Sync your smart scales and activity tracker to your account, listen to guided meditations with Headspace and follow audio workouts with Aaptiv.


2. 1000+ recipes and meal ideas

Get access to 1000+ healthy, simple and delicious recipes. In the app, we've grouped recipes into handy collections including 'No cook', 'Meals for one' and 'Quick & easy' so you can find something that suits not only your tastes, but also your lifestyle. Vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free? We've got recipe collections you'll love.

You can also find the SmartPoints values of meals from 70 restuarants in the app, including Nando's, Starbucks and Pizza Express.

3. 24/7 support from a WW Coach

No matter the question, our WW Coaches are online to answer 24/7 via live chat. Coach Vanessa Watkins says: “We cover all kinds of topics, whether it's helping members find something on the website or giving advice about healthier options for when they go out to dinner.”

Shift workers and stay-at-home parents are just some of our members that stand to benefit from 24-hour support, Watkins adds. “The round-the-clock online chat tool is perfect if you're really busy or have to wait until the kids are in bed to get things done,” she says.

“We get everyone, from breastfeeding mums chatting to us in the middle of the night to commuters who connect with us on their way to work. Members know they'll get someone who can provide direction and offer support whenever they need it.”


4. Members-only social community 

Connect is our digital community for members. It's a positive and inspirational space to share tips and recipes, and make new friends. Share your photos and progress, and follow other members on their journeys. It's the best place to hang out for a motivation boost! And with Connect Groups, you can follow like-minded members from pet owners to foodies!


5. Programme guides and helpful tips

Explore member-only content including meal plans, shopping lists, how-to app guides, audio workouts with Aaptiv (listen to a sample here), meditations with Headspace and weekly techniques that help you to eat healthier, shift your mindset and move more. 


What's the difference between Digital and Workshop + Digital?

Different membership options appeal to different people. Some might thrive with the accountability of a weekly WW Workshop – meeting with the same Coach each week and learning from the experiences of fellow members. 

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For others, Digital provides a more private and flexible alternative, allowing you to choose how much you interact with the WW community.

But Digital members needn't go it entirely alone, says Parker, adding that there's plenty of assistance available should they choose to use it.

“Touching base online with a WW Coach once a week, perhaps on your weigh-in day, is a useful way to keep on track,” she suggests. “We can talk things through, whether it's been a successful or not-so-great week – and coach you over any hurdle you may be facing.”

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