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How to make every mini milestone matter

Are you making the most of small achievements?


Repeat after us: celebrate the small stuff! 


Acknowledging mini milestones can help you stay motivated, and rewarding yourself for hitting each one – big or small – on your journey is essential. Celebrating success will not only give you a boost, it’ll also spur you on to bigger goals.

We understand the importance of acknowledging success, which is why we introduced WellnessWins™, an innovative rewards programme FREE with every WW membership. 

WellnessWins rewards your healthy behaviours – such as tracking your meals, weight and activity – with 'Wins' which can be redeemed for freebies such as free gym passes, beauty gift cards and Bluetooth wireless headphones. 

The WW app does all the work – there’s nothing to sign up for, and nothing extra to buy!


Non-scale victories


And remember that success isn’t just a number on the scales – perhaps you’ve stuck to your activity plan all week or mastered the art of making the perfect healthy smoothie?

Rather than congratulating yourself with food, try these ways to give yourself a high-five (and motivate yourself even more!).

Reach your milestone moment with Alison Hammond


5 ways to celebrate success


1. Go shopping for little treats, such as a piece of statement jewellery or nail polish – perfect if you’re saving the clothes shopping for when you’ve reached a goal weight or new dress size.

2. Share your success with your friends, on social media, on our private members-only community Connect, or tag us on Instagram. Then bask in the compliments!

3. Start a picture blog or diary to record your successes and how you feel every day. Take a photo of yourself in action or feeling great every time you hit a target. Then, when it gets tough, you can look back and remember how good it felt. Plus, it’ll be a brilliant keepsake for your get-healthy journey.

4. Spoil yourself – book that massage or manicure with friends, or do a DIY version at home. 

5. Set a new goal, such as joining a gym class or signing up for a fun run, while you’re feeling positive. Then, think about how to reward yourself when you reach that target, too.