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How to feel fab this autumn with 'A Mummy Too'

Mum of two and blogger Emily Leary of 'A Mummy Too' shares her top tips for feeling fab this autumn, from quick and easy mindfulness tips to how to eat mindfully.

1. Give up self-criticism
Scolding yourself for perceived failings can seem motivating, but, imagine the words being said to someone else – a relative or friend. You wouldn’t speak to them like that, would you? Adapt your inner voice to speak with the same balance with which you speak to others.

 2. Be kind to yourself
You're at your best when you're being kind to yourself. Throughout the day, with each small achievement, take a moment to give your attention to that win. Choosing to give your attention to the positives will help foster an overall positive outlook.

 3. Practise mindful breathing
I know sometimes it can seem impossible to relax. Find somewhere to sit comfortably in a quiet space and allow your breathing to become slow and even. As you settle into rhythmic breathing, relax each muscle in turn. When practiced often, you’ll find you can bring yourself into a state of calm quickly in almost any situation by simply relaxing your breathing.

 4. Address your worries
When we hold on to our worries they can cycle in our mind and become magnified until they seem insurmountable. In mindfulness, a common technique to put worries back into perspective is to visualize them as words above your head, which are then caught inside bubbles that gently float away, becoming tiny specs in the vastness of the universe. Recall them one by one and address them individually.

 5. Eat mindfully
We all lead busy lives but this can mean we end up eating mindlessly. Weight Watchers recommends moving away from your desk, television or other distractions during every meal, if you can. Eat slowly, appreciatively, taking joy in every mouthful and recognizing the nourishment you are taking in. This will help reduce hunger and should leave you feeling fab after every meal.