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How to enjoy Christmas parties

A night out (or two!) during the festive season doesn't have to send you off track. The key is to decide what your goals are before the party season sneaks up on you, and then follow our tips to give you more of a cushion to enjoy a cocktail or two.

Here are some thoughts to help you navigate the festive season:

Consider switching

It's easy to switch between plans, even if just for a day. If you're on the Purple plan, say, and usually scratch cook using lots of ZeroPoint™ foods, but have a week of meals out and parties lined up, you could consider switching to the Green plan for that time. You will have fewer ZeroPoint foods to choose from - but you will also have more SmartPoints® to use.  Just remember to keep tracking as you go.

Save your SmartPoints

Don't forget to tap into your rollovers and weeklies. Plan ahead to save up rollovers for days you know you'll need more SmartPoints. If you have a party on a Friday night, for example, plan to use fewer SmartPoints on Thursday. And don't forget that you always have your weeklies to use up on those special nights out - that's what they're there for!

Plan meals out

When you're eating out, it's a great idea to check the menu in advance. Most restaurants post their menus on their webite - check it out to work out which dishes you'll be able to 'afford' on the night. It's likely there'll be a big difference between dishes - fish and veggies, for example, might be surprisingly low in SmartPoints (so you can enjoy a cheeky cocktail), while a creamy pasta dish might take you over your limit.

Don't forget drinks

It's easy to forget that both alcoholic and soft drinks can vary in terms of SmartPoint values.  Gin and slimline tonic, for example, is just 2 SmartPoints, whereas a pint of cider is 9 SmartPoints.  Other great choices for drinks over the festive season include vodka (2 SmartPoints per 25ml serving) and mulled wine (3 SmartPoints per 125ml glass). And if you're designated driver, choose fruit-infused sparkling water over fizzy drinks.