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How to bounce back from a setback

Do you find yourself brushing off setbacks as ‘not that big a deal’? Next time that happens, use it as a signal to get you back on track. Here’s how…

On any journey, you’re sure to make a few stumbles. It’s how you respond in these moments that makes all the difference. Thoughts such as, ‘Oh well, I’ll deal with it later’ or ‘It will all work out’, can make you feel better for a while, but a slip can turn into a slide if you don’t respond to those thoughts with a plan for dealing with the challenge. The trick is to notice the thoughts, then figure out your next steps. Here’s how in three easy steps:


1. Tune in


See if you can catch any brush-it-off thoughts as they bubble up. For example, you might plan to start tracking so you can learn the SmartPoints® values of different foods but when that doesn’t happen, you say to yourself, ‘Oops. I guess I’ll start tomorrow.’


2. Get specific


Once you notice the thought, ask yourself, ‘What steps could I take to actually get started?’ Brainstorm a little. In this case, you might set an alert on your phone before lunch to remind you to track. Or browse the WellnessWins™ rewards, find a great one, then track to get it.


3. Make a choice


Pick a solution that feels doable, and nail down what you’ll do, when you’ll do it, and how you’ll do it. You could also combine ideas: ‘When I get home, I’ll take a picture of that WellnessWins reward and make it the screen saver on my phone or computer to remind me to track.’