Food & nutrition

Get to know your ZeroPoint™ foods

Whatever plan you're on - Green, Blue or Purple - ZeroPoint foods form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern and are the go-to options you can lean on time and time again.

We know that not every day is the same - for example, you might be planning a romantic night out with your other half so want to focus on tracking SmartPoints® at dinner but calling on ZeroPoint foods for breakfast and lunch. It's easy to weave ZeroPoint foods into your daily routine - simply follow these three steps:

1. Create your personalised list

Identify three of your favourite ZeroPoint foods. Then choose three new foods from the complete list in your WW app, so you'll have six brilliant foods to turn too.

2. Make it work for you

The beauty of ZeroPoint foods are that they help you to stay within your SmartPoints Budget.  Use your list for snacks, as the base for meals, or to add variety to your favourite recipes.

3. Decide when you'll use it

Add your ZeroPoint foods to two meals or snacks this week. Calling on them will soon become second nature.

You'll find that once you start incorporating more ZeroPoint foods into your weekly routine, you'll find it easier to keep trying new things and will be expanding your options for healthy, SmartPoints friendly foods at the same time.