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5 ways to get fit outside

With longer daylight hours and warmer weather, it's the perfect time to get outdoors!

The clocks have finally gone forwards, which means longer daylight hours and more opportunities to get outside into the spring weather! As well as the physical health benefits, there are also important mental health benefits of using the great outdoors as your personal gym.

If you're eager to spend more time moving outdoors, try these ideas:

1. Mix up your walks

We've all done our fair share of walking this year, but with lockdown restrictions starting to lift we'll all have a lot more freedom to travel a bit further and explore new areas. There's so much spectacular scenery in the UK, so get out and discover it!

2. Stroll up and down hills

Flat terrain is fine, but including hills in your walking or jogging route will give your heart, lungs and legs an even better workout. The uneven ground also forces you to use your core muscles, which helps tone your tummy.

3. Go wild swimming

Could you brave the cold in a lake, river or the sea? Wild swimming is becoming steadily more popular thanks to the array of physical and mental health benefits it can offer. Search online to see if there’s a safe spot near you!

4. Get involved in local conservation

Get your steps in and help the environment by joining a local outdoor conservation group. They're often in need of volunteers and run activities like clearing pondweeds, picking up litter, building bird boxes and more.

5. Join a team sport

Team sports are on their way back! Local clubs like tennis, football or basketball are likely to have outdoor training areas. Get fit, learn a new sport and meet new people!