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Game, set, match!

If you’re feeling inspired by Wimbledon, why not take to the court yourself? Here’s how to get started with tennis…

Get kitted out
You don’t need any special clothes to play tennis – just comfortable, breathable clothing and trainers. If you’ve already got active wear that you use for the gym, that will be fine. It’s not about finding fancy kit, your clothing just needs to be able to stretch with your body as you play, so you won’t be held back or made to feel uncomfortable.

Grab a racket
Your local tennis courts or league may have rackets you can rent, but if you need to buy one, make sure it’s the correct size for you. Here’s a simple way of working it out: hold the racket downwards with a straight arm. The top of the racket shouldn’t quite touch the ground, but should hover just above it.

Find a court
There are plenty of options when you’re ready to start playing – in fact, there are more than 20,000 courts across the UK! You could join a local league that’s suited to your level search out your nearest free-to-play court, or join Tennis Tuesdays if you’re a woman. Tennis Tuesdays are weekly women-only sessions at local courts, run by professional coaches. There are also similar men-only sessions for guys who want to give it a go. And remember, just 30 minutes of tennis could earn you around 3 FitPoints®*.

*FitPoints based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity.