Success Stories

Flora: "You're never too old to move!"

Flora joined our Healthy Body Healthy Mind Connect group to keep active over lockdown - and she's loving the variety of workouts she can do right at home.

Meet Flora


Start weight: 11st 1lb 
Goal weight: 9st 7lbs 
Current weight: 8st 6.7lbs

Lockdown was a worrying time, not just for me, but also my family and friends. My dad is in a care home, and usually my sister or myself would see him daily - but lockdown meant we weren’t able to visit him. It's caused a lot of concern for us, especially because dad has Alzheimer’s and we knew he wouldn’t understand or remember why we weren't visiting him every day.

When WW started their Virtual Workshops, I joined straightaway. I attended loads of Virtual Workshops to help me focus - on what I could do, not on what I couldn’t! 

What you can (and can't) control

During one of the early Virtual Workshops, my Coach Anna Power talked about the importance of movement. She challenged me to dig out my exercise bike and get peddling - and to post the pictures! So I did, and with each challenge, I did a bit more.

At another Virtual Workshop, Anna told us that WW were live streaming a dance fitness workout in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Connect group that Saturday morning. She said it would be suitable for people seated or standing and I thought, why not? I’m at home, no-one can see me, so YES! And I loved it. 

For me, this was a total game changer. All my life, I've hated sport and exercise. My school pushed us to play netball, and there wasn't much else on offer - and I hate netball! It’s also that time when a young girl is becoming a woman, and who wants to have group cold showers at the end of their lesson?! Not me!

I never intended to share my experience of the dance fitness class with anyone. I wore pyjamas to the first session! But then I started taking screenshots for our Facebook page and began filming myself and uploading snippets to Connect and my own personal Facebook page.


"I now have a passion for movement"


I’ve been using my exercise bike, and that's helped. Now, I'm also doing Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Dance with Lucy, who is so inspiring. So that’s 5 lessons a week! I can safely say I now have a passion for movement, and I'm the lightest I've been since my early 20s. It really is all about food, mindset and movement - and how they work together for successful and sustainable weight loss.

Because I’m enjoying the dance fitness so much, I’ve started doing more activities in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind group, like HIIT and boxfit. My dad did boxing as a boy - and when he was in the RAF, he was in the boxing team - so when we are finally able to visit him, I’m hoping it might remind him of his youth.

I’m a bit like someone who’s given up smoking - I want everyone to be healthier and enjoy the WW plan and the added extras that come with it. I talked my cousin Jo into rejoining WW and joining in with the dance fitness classes, and she's loving them too! 


"WW has been my lifeline during lockdown"


The help, support and care that WW has given us during lockdown has been brilliant. The Virtual Workshops and all of these activities (and there are so many of them!) has been my lifeline.

Focusing on me, rather than on the things I can't change, has got me through these hard months, and I’ve come out of it at the lightest weight I’ve been since I was in my early 20s, and I’m now in my 60s. The upshot? You’re never too old for movement!

Many thanks to WW for putting on these Healthy Body Healthy Mind sessions!