Exploring low carb snack ideas

Snacks and carbohydrates

Many popular snacks contain high amounts of carbohydrates, which can cause our blood sugar levels to rise. As a guide, if you are counting carbohydrates, it is recommended to aim for 10-15g or less of carbohydrates per snack.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep snacks lower in carbs:

0-5g carbs

6-10g carbs

11-15g carbs


1 x Satsuma

1 x kiwi

4-5 berries


Handful of cut up raw vegetables e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber etc.

Bowl of salad with 1tbsp low fat dressing*


1 x cracker with low fat cheese spread.

2-3 slices of lean meat (maybe wrap around some salad or raw veg.

Matchbox piece size of low fat hard cheese (grate and wrap into some lettuce leaves.

A boiled egg

Egg cup full of any uncoated nuts**

50g of olives (reduce amount if in oil)**

Mini scotch egg**

Cocktail sausage roll**


Sugar free jelly

1 rich tea biscuit


1 x orange

4 x 2cm cubes of melon

Mini box of raisins


Handful of cut up raw vegetables e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber etc. with 4 tbsp of humus**


20g of unsweetened popcorn

125g of plain yogurt

Small bag of ‘puff’ crisps such as quavers/wotsits


1 digestive/plain, bourbon or custard cream  type biscuit

Some cereal bars (but check the label)

1 small scoop of ice-cream


1 x apple/pear/peach

1 x very small banana


Handful of cut up raw vegetables e.g. carrot, celery, cucumber etc.


1 medium slice of bread/toast with low fat spread

1 small (25g) packet of crisps

125g of fruit yogurt


1 chocolate coated biscuit

4 square of chocolate

Half a small hot cross bun or very mini muffin

*check the label of dressings as some low fat dressings will be high in sugar

** amount restricted due to high calorie content.

Remember that most of these snacks contain calories so you still need to limit the frequency of snacks during the day.

Top tips to help keep your snacks low carb

1) Read the label

Aim for no more than 10-15g carbs per snack

2) Watch the total calories

Avoid having more than 300kcals of snacks in a day

3)Take away!

Take one of your lower carb snacks with you when going out so you aren’t tempted to have something else.

4) Oops! I slipped up

We all over indulge at times. The key thing is to ensure this doesn’t happen too often so it stops you reaching your goals. Get back on track straight away.

Further reading/Useful resources/References

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