Success Stories

Eliza ‘I’m determined to reach goal for my wedding day’

Eliza shares her ideas for eating smarter, staying active and connecting with her fellow WW members.

Name: Eliza

Age: 28

Weight lost: 2st 3lb

Digital member


My weight and lack of confidence had been a huge issue over the years and I’d started to hide from the camera. I was cosy and content with my fiancé James, which led to me gaining weight – I’d eat pizzas twice a week, have Camembert baguettes for Sunday brunch and tuck into roast dinners with all the trimmings. But I’d grown so insecure about the way I looked that I wouldn’t get undressed in front of James. One night in the summer of 2017, I found myself lying on my bedroom floor, in tears because my old denim shorts didn’t fit. It was time to make some changes.



By September, I was a WW Digital member. My mum, Ann, had lost 3st with WW and was a big fan. She gave me her WW cookbooks, and I threw myself into getting active again. In the first few months I lost nearly 3st. I felt so healthy and full of energy. Just one month into the plan, I felt confident enough to take a mirror selfie – the first I’d taken in two years. I set up an Instagram account to document my WW journey, thinking it would be a sort of diary and help me stay on track. I posted every day and shared the results of my weigh-in every Wednesday. It was through my Insta account that I was asked to be a WW ambassador. It’s a privilege and I love it when people message me for advice. My top tip for avoiding getting hungry is to eat plenty of ZeroPoint™ foods throughout the day.


James supports me through thick and thin, and the day he proposed was magical. I can’t wait to marry him later this year – I’m looking forward to being in front of the camera again.


Eliza’s tips for using the WW app and tech

  • I log any recipes I’m cooking into the app to calculate the SmartPoints. I use my SmartPoints sparingly at the start of the week, and save my weeklies for a night out at the weekend.
  • The barcode scanner on the app is really helpful. You just scan a product in the supermarket with it and it instantly tells you the product’s SmartPoints.
  • My WW bathroom scales calculate not only my weight, but also my BMI, body fat and water, to help me stay on track.