Health & wellbeing

Shift your mindset: one member's wellbeing journey

WW member Elisha describes her once difficult relationship with food and body image, and how WW has helped.
"The happier I feel, the more likely I am to make healthier choices"

Elisha Langridge had a difficult relationship with food and struggled with weight and body image as a child and teenager.

She used to thrive off short-term results, but now sees her weight and overall wellbeing as part of a longer and more sustainable journey with WW. 

Press play to listen to Elisha's journey so far, where  she discusses confidence, happiness and getting creative in the kitchen.

Check out her nutty breakfast bites recipe, and her World Vegan Month blog which was posted on the WW website in November 2018.

You can also follow Elisha on Instagram at @rainbow___room.



WW x Headspace


WW has recently partnered with Headspace, a global leader in meditation and mindfulness.

Headspace provides curated content for WW members, which is available in the app. Meditate any time, anywhere!

Use Headspace to help you become more present in mind and body, to pause and refocus when feeling stressed and to help you get ready for sleep. You can even use it to help you eat mindfully.

Find out more about our partnership with Headspace and what it means for WW members right here.