Food & nutrition

Eat what you love

Here’s how to enjoy your favourite foods without overdoing it…

If you often overdo it when it comes to a favourite food, you might think you should just cut it out of your diet altogether. But you might end up craving that food even more. Also, without a plan to manage it when you do come across it, you might eat more of it than usual, and end up feeling frustrated or guilty.

Instead, plan mindfully for a food you love. That way you won’t feel deprived, you’ll have a balanced approach to the food, and you’ll truly savour it.

Each time you enjoy it without overdoing it, you boost your confidence. Follow these steps:

1. Choose a food you love but feel you should avoid.

2. Decide how much you want to eat and how to control that portion (single-serve packs could be helpful).

3. Calculate the food’s SmartPoints® value.

4. Choose when and where to eat it (one biscuit in a cafe could be a better choice than buying a pack and trying to portion control at home).

5. Enjoy it with others to help quieten self-criticism about what you ‘should’ eat. This can help you eat less too!

6. Put it on the menu - Pick a day this week (or when you’re ready) to put your plan into action. Eat slowly, focusing on the flavours, and savour every bite.