Cut yourself a little slack

No-one’s perfect – and that’s okay! Studies show that accepting your imperfections can actually bring you closer to where you want to be. Here’s how to do it.
Published 17 February, 2020

Aiming for perfection is unrealistic and can take you further from your goals. When you don’t live up to your own expectations, your confidence and motivation can take a hit, so it’s important to recognise that occasional slip-ups are all part of your journey.


Here are some ways to accept your imperfections that will help you in the moment, and set you up for success in the future:


  1. Focus on how it feels when you think about someone (or even a pet!) who really cares about you.
  2. Visualise the qualities of someone you look up to, and identify three things you have in common.
  3. Notice what happens when you show yourself the same kindness you’d show a child who made a mistake.
  4. Write down three things about yourself that you’re grateful for today.
  5. Treat yourself like a friend (see how on page 9 of your myWW programme book).