Success Stories

Curtis: ‘I was trolled on social media but now I feel fantastic’

Curtis Pritchard fell victim to fat shaming after gaining 2st on Love Island last summer, and it knocked his confidence. Now a WW ambassador, he's regained his mojo and is living proof that you can still eat the things you love, and look & feel fantastic.
Published 22 March, 2020

Name: Curtis Pritchard
Age: 24
Weight lost: 1st
WW Workshop: Digital


"I've never had a healthy relationship with food"


Dancing gives you confidence, but it can work negatively on your body image. You see these incredible dancers and get an image in your head that you need to have a six-pack – it works both ways.

I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food. I’ve always done crash diets, dropping an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time. It’s what I did before the villa, but then I thought ‘I’m on holiday now’ and started overeating. At some meals I was having five slices of cheesecake!


"I was getting fat shamed"


As soon as we got out of the villa, the team said, ‘Look, you’ve been fat shamed.’ It’s not nice being told you’re fat. It affects you.

But I’m strong-minded, and that’s why the WW plan has worked so well. Now I can still eat all the food I love, but I never overeat because I feel satisfied. Now I feel great.


"Now I'm feeling body confident"


Body confidence is everything. It’s not just about how you look. It’s mental positivity, physical fitness and how you feel on the inside. When I was doing crash diets, I may have looked thinner but I didn’t feel good about my body at all.

Having that fuel in my body, means my mind can work properly, and then I’m able to function properly. Now, I’m able to function properly and feel self-assured. That’s what body confidence means to me: being happy and feeling energised; feeling fresh and thinking clearly.