We're all in this together: the value of a weight loss community

Being part of a community can have a powerful impact on your weight loss journey.

What is Connect, and how can it help on your journey?

Fact: the more you engage with WW, the greater your weight loss success.1

There are many ways you can engage with the WW programme: tracking your food, cooking WW recipes, tracking your weight, joining our cookalongs, reading our science-based articles, tracking your activity...to name just a few!

Cooking healthier meals and tracking your food may seem like more obvious routes to weight loss. But did you know community can have a powerful impact on your journey too?

That's where our members-only social network Connect comes in. What if we told you...

  • There's an easy way to meet like-minded WW members and cheer each other on - and it's right at your fingertips in the app
  • Individuals who receive social support are more likely to engage in healthy eating and physical activity behaviours, and lose weight2
  • Individuals who receive social support from someone other than their spouse or significant other are more likely to maintain weight loss, healthy eating and physical activity behaviours3

There are some amazing benefits to being an active part of the WW community. For example, did you know that social support can also make it easier to cope with stressful events, by impacting how they're interpreted and how individuals respond to them?4 Life is full of things that have the potential to cause stress - work, family, international pandemics! - and research shows that people who cope better with stress are more likely to maintain weight loss.5

To get started in Connect, open your app and check out the toolbar at the bottom of the homescreen. Tap the icon with people standing together (there's strength in numbers, after all). It looks like this:

You're in - welcome to Connect!

This is a positive social platform, where you can find inspiration, support, and motivation from WW members just like you. Share your successes, support others on their journeys and feel a true sense of belonging. You're not alone on this journey; quite the opposite, in fact! (Remember, you've also got 24/7 live chat with a WW Coach in the app if you need some expert one-on-one time.)

Here are a few words our members use to describe Connect:

As the name suggests, Connect is all about connecting - and engaging - with like-minded people. You can even join groups tailored to your health and weight loss journey, your hobbies, your age, your interests, and more. Examples include: Newbies, Over 50 and Fabulous, Get Back On Track, Pet Owners and Walking.

Learn how to post to Connect and join Connect groups here

There's also a WW UK Official profile in Connect (@wwukofficial), which our team of expert Coaches post from regularly to keep you in the loop with what's happening in the world of WW. From fun cookalongs to unmissable WW Shop offers, it's the best place to stay up-to-date and in the know!

If you're having a great week and don't feel like you need additional inspiration, why not check in with fellow members and lend some support? Research shows that kindhearted gestures may actually benefit your health. “Engaging in kind behaviours has a robust impact on a person’s wellbeing,” says Lara Aknin, PhD, an associate professor of social psychology at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Find out more here!



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