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Brrr! Take your workout indoors this winter

Try these simple ways to stay active through the colder months.

Many people find they’re more motivated to exercise during the summer, and that’s no surprise. We’re much more inclined to run in the park or get adventurous with new outdoor activities when the temperature’s warmer. Once the cold sets in, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of being active and cosy up indoors instead.

However, there are so many great ways to bring your fitness routine indoors and keep that motivation going right through to next spring. Here are a few swaps you could make to your usual routine:

  • If you’re into running, consider a gym membership so you keep at it using a treadmill instead.

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  • Head to a nearby indoor climbing centre. Bouldering, as it’s otherwise known, is a great activity for honing strength and balance, and makes a fun family day out.
  • If you’re a fan of your local lido, try swimming laps at your local leisure centre instead, where you’ll be sheltered from the elements.

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  • Create a home gym with just a few inexpensive pieces of equipment. All you need for a full-body workout is a set of free weights, resistance bands, a stability ball and a jump rope.
  • YouTube is packed with just about every type of workout video you can think of, from HIIT to yoga, so take advantage of virtual fitness classes and get moving in your living room.

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  • Do a bit of digging and you’re sure to find a fun activities to sign up for at a local gyms, studio or village hall. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try something new, like Zumba, Pilates or a dance class.
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