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This is the best diet for weight loss in 2020

Plus one thing you should ALWAYS look for in a weight loss programme.

Want to lose weight in 2020?


After being out of your usual routine over Christmas, it can feel tough getting back into the swing of things. Joining a weight loss programme can help to reinforce a routine, and ensure that you step into the New Year feeling motivated and determined to reach your goals.

Plus, you'll be joining thousands of other people up and down the country with similar goals - what could be more motivating than that!

If you're looking for a programme to help you lose weight in 2020, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of different plans on offer. We've got a quick and easy way to narrow down your search...


Look for a lifestyle change, not a quick fix


The best weight loss programmes promote a healthy lifestyle, rather than a diet. While diets are strict and short-term, building healthy habits that feed into an overall healthy lifestyle is long-term and forgiving.

Diets often label foods as 'good' or 'bad' (for instance, carbs are 'bad' on the keto diet). By extension, you feel good or bad when you eat these foods. This can lead to feelings of guilt or failure if you veer off-plan, when in reality a weight loss programme should make you feel better about yourself, not worse. Additionally, cutting entire food groups from your diet can lead to a lack of essential nutrients, potentially resulting in deficiencies that could impact your health.

That's why nothing's off the menu on our customised myWW™ plans. As long as you stay within your SmartPoints® Budget, you can eat whatever you like, because everything can be part of a healthy eating pattern. WW member Jude saves 6 SmartPoints for a Crunchie bar at the end of each day, for example, and she lost 83lb in 15 months! Check out these pizza recipes you can eat on WW, and this collection of chocolate recipes. Plus, wholewheat pasta is a ZeroPoint™ food on Purple!

Discover ZeroPoint foods

On the WW programme you don't have to take anything away; you can still enjoy your favourite foods and eat out with friends and family. The programme is liveable, flexible and designed for real life, which ultimately means it's more sustainable, unlike short-term diets which are restrictive and can wreak havoc on your social life. 

In fact, we encourage you to add to your lifestyle rather than take away. Our 4.8* rated app includes guided audio workouts from Aaptiv and mini meditations from Headspace, so you can build new healthy habits that will, in time, replace older and less healthy habits. 

Once you've built these habits - eating healthily, shifting your mindset and moving more - they become second nature, and what started out as a weight loss programme transitions into a healthy lifestyle. And because it's a lifestyle, many of our members choose to stay with WW once they've reached their goal weight. As a gold member, you can go to Workshops every week for free, as long as you stay within 5lb of your goal weight.

In summary?


You don't have to cut carbs out of your diet or add butter to your morning coffee on the keto diet, and you don't have to go hungry on an intermittent fasting diet.

Instead, look for a lifestyle brand that offers a simple, liveable weight loss programme which fits into your life and social life.

All aspects of the WW programme are also backed by science - SmartPoints, FitPoints®, weekly techniques in your Workshop - so you can rest assured you're truly investing in your health, rather than buying into a fad.