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The best diet plans for 2019, according to millennials

Discover how young people plan to lose weight in the New Year.

A survey by Insider has highlighted the most popular weight loss plans among millennials, in this case defined as people aged between 18 and 29.

The WW programme made the top five, alongside the likes of the keto, low-carb and low-fat diet.

Here are the most popular diets among millennials making resolutions for 2019.

1. Low carb diet (31.1%)

Most millennials who want to lose weight in 2019 expressed an interest in a low-carb diet. Low-carb diets can come in many forms, including the ketogenic diet and the Atkins diet.

With WW no foods are off limits, but we appreciate that sometimes you might be looking to lower your carb intake. Check out these low carbohydrate recipes you can enjoy as part of the WW programme.

2. Reduced-calorie diet (23.5%)

What’s really on your plate? Calories tell part of the story – but not all. For instance, 100 calories worth of cookies doesn’t have the same nutritional value as 100 calories of turkey, tofu or veggies.

On the WW programme, every food and drink is assigned a SmartPoints® value, with our proven system focusing on health, not just calories. Learn more about SmartPoints vs. calorie counting.

3. The ketogenic diet (19.3%)

What is the ketogenic diet? The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb approach where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Check out this article comparing the keto diet with WW.

4. The WW programme (16.8%)

Designed to guide members to a healthy eating pattern, our holistic weight loss and wellness programme* is popular with millenials.

  • Food - with our proven SmartPoints system and ZeroPoint foods
  • Activity - with personalised fitness goals, plus live and on demand audio workouts
  • Mindset - curated content and mindfulness exercises from Headspace

5. Low-fat diet (15.1%)

People on a low-fat diet eat lean protein, fruits, veggies and grains, and avoid full-fat dairy and meat products. However, research suggests that introducing ‘good’ fats into your diet could help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

6. Vegetarian diet (15.1%)

Vegetarians don't eat meat or fish, but unlike vegans, can continue to eat eggs, cheese, milk and numerous other animal products. Interested in going veggie? Try these tasty vegetarian recipes.

7. The Atkins diet (9.2%)

Like the ketogenic diet, though not as strict, the Atkins diet restricts carb intake to 20-25g per day in the initial phase. At later stages, participants can consume 80-100g a day.

8. The FAST 5:2 diet (6.7%)

A form of intermittent fasting, participants eat normally for five days a week and drastically lower their calorie intake for the other two days.

9. Vegan diet (5%)

Vegans don't eat anything that comes from an animal, including meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk and honey. Interested in going vegan? Check out these tasty vegan recipes.

10. Whole 30 (5%)

This diet lasts for 30 days, during which time participants do not consume grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, legumes, soy, or processed foods. Check out this article written by a WW member following a combination of Whole 30 and the WW programme.

11. Mediterranean diet (4.2%)

The Mediterranean diet emphasises healthy fats, vegetables and proteins, while steering participants away from processed foods. Check out our collection of Mediterranean recipes.


*Our WW Freestyle™ programme