16 big-batch recipes to make ahead and freeze

Keep a stash of ready-made meals on hand with these SmartPoints-friendly ideas.

Everyone knows the power of a well-stocked fridge brimming with perfectly plucked ingredients just waiting to be used! But full freezers? They’re underrated. 

To give perishable ingredients a longer lifespan, you can prep and freeze big-batch meals - and keep that freezer full. After all, freezing food doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. 

Making meals ahead of time and freezing them for later will ensure you’ve got non-perishable meals on hand should you encounter a busy week at work or find your fridge running - gasp! - a little low on fresh foods.

The best part? You can give just about any dish the freezer treatment just as long as you take the right food safety precautions, according to the Food Standards Agency. Some general rules of thumb include:

  • Ensure any warm dishes are cooled before putting them together in the freezer.
  • Always defrost frozen food in the fridge, where it can slowly defrost
  • Once defrosted food should be consumed within 24 hours
  • Place food in airtight containers or freezer bags to stop the food from drying out.
  • Cut away freezer-burned areas before eating. (Freezer burn doesn’t make food unsafe; it’ll just make it dry.

Ready to get cooking (and cooling?) check out our selection of recipes below, that are freezer friendly. For more inspiration take a look at the WW Batch Cooking cookbook which includes 70+ recipes suitable for batch cooking and freezing so your fridge and freezer are always stocked. 

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