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Alison Hammond: "I felt like Beyoncé walking out of my Workshop!"

Find out how TV presenter and WW ambassador Alison Hammond is getting on with her weight loss & wellness journey.

Q&A with Alison Hammond


A familiar face on daytime TV, vivacious presenter Alison Hammond has won the hearts of the nation. Now, she’s brought her infectious personality to the WW community as our UK celebrity ambassador – and has a lot to say about it!

Alison tells us how she felt going to her first WW Workshop, how the programme fits around her busy life, and what inspired her to get started. Let's dive in!

You’re a familiar face on ITV’s This Morning. Tell us more about yourself.


So, I’m shy, retiring…only joking! I’m from Birmingham, I’m a TV presenter and I love life. I love people. And I love talking – I’m a chatterbox. I believe you should live each day happily, you know? A day without laughter is wasted, as far as I’m concerned.


What inspired you to get healthier?


I made the decision to start my wellness journey after I saw a friend I hadn’t seen for about a year. I didn’t recognise him – he looked amazing and so happy in himself. When he told me he’d joined WW, I just couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘Come along to a Workshop’. So I rocked up and there was a group of lovely people who were so welcoming. I didn’t feel nervous to join, I just loved the whole energy of the group. Everyone was so friendly and my Coach was inspiring.


How important is the support you get at WW Workshops?


So important. You might have a week where you didn’t do very well and you think, ‘I don’t want to go to my Workshop because I don’t want to be embarrassed’. That is the time you need to go to your Workshop. That’s the time you need to be talking to your Coach. Once you go, you feel inspired and you can’t wait for the next week. So, don’t ever be scared of going – just get there and embrace it.

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How has your WW Coach inspired you?


My Coach, Andrea, was so welcoming. She’d gone through the whole journey herself. She told me her story and what her ‘why’ was, and I thought, ‘You know what? I can do this. This fits in with my lifestyle.’ 


How important was the flexibility of the programme to you?


I wanted something that fitted in with my lifestyle. I wanted a programme that I could do on the go, when I’m travelling the world, when I’m on a plane… and this was the only one I could find that worked for me. I was inspired by the fact I’ve got the app on my phone and I can take it literally anywhere. I mean, we’re in the digital age now, so the app fits with my lifestyle. It also makes me accountable, because I’m tracking everything. The app’s there to help me, for instance, when I’m at a restaurant. It’s also great having the 24-hour online Coach, who I can speak to when I’m struggling. Even if I’m abroad and need some help, they get back to me straight away and tell me what I need to do. So for me, having that support in my pocket at all times is fantastic.


Are you still enjoying all the foods you love?


I love WW mainly because – I’m not going to lie – I love my food! I love snacking, and with WW you’ve got so many ZeroPoint™ foods you can snack on all day long. It’s absolutely perfect for me. I make sure I’ve always got fruit with me. For every meal, I put ZeroPoint foods in there because they pad it out and help keep you satisfied. I also use ZeroPoint foods as the base of every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, I’ll add anything else I need and track my SmartPoints®. What I’ve noticed is that when I’ve gone off track, or haven’t tracked what I’ve eaten, I feel different. I feel sluggish and know I need to get back to it. That’s what I think is great about WW: when you’re following the programme, you feel amazing. I’m better at my job, I’m a better mum, I’m a better everything. Not only are you getting fitter, but you feel better in yourself.


What’s your ‘why’?


My ‘why’ is my health. I’m 44 now, and I’d never really thought about what food does to my body. But I’d noticed I was a lot slower, and felt I needed to get healthier for myself. I didn’t want to go the way my mum’s gone – she’s got diabetes. She takes medication and is doing really well, but that’s not the way I wanted to go.


What do you hope to get out of WW?


I know that if I continue on this journey, I’m going to have more energy, more zest for life, and I’m going to be a better person for everybody. I’m the sort of person who puts everyone else first. I put my son first, I put my mum first, I put my friends first and I just think that, for once, it’s time to put me first. I’m doing that so I can be better for everyone else.


What changes have you made in your life since joining WW?


I’ve made quite a few. One is drinking more water. I didn’t realise that often when I used to snack, it was because I was thirsty. I try to get through at least two litres of water every day now and that makes me feel so much better. Secondly, I’m doing a bit more exercise. I now have a personal trainer and he’s amazing. I work at my own pace – we do circuits and I absolutely love it. I’ve been doing that for a while now, and you know something? I feel fitter, I feel stronger. I might not look perfect yet, but personally, I’m perfect, full stop! I think that’s what I love about WW – I’ve fallen in love with the journey itself, rather than thinking about what I’m going to look like when I get to goal. So what I say to people is just fall in love with the journey.

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What are the benefits you’ve felt since joining?


I mean, the fact I walked through the door to a WW Workshop, got weighed and experienced the whole thing – I feel better already! I feel a million dollars. I feel like I had the support of everybody. That’s what felt amazing, that we’re doing this together. It’s a lovely lift, my WW family. I felt like Beyoncé walking out of my Workshop!