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9 delicious ways to enjoy healthy fat foods

Introducing the right kind of fat into your diet can help you lose belly fat and reach your goal weight.

Not all fats are 'bad'. In fact. many dietary fats are referred to as ‘essential’ because our bodies need them to function properly.

Fat is crucial for the nervous system, improves fat-soluble vitamin uptake (including vitamins A, D, E and K which promote growth and protect reproductive health) and can guard against heart disease.

The key is including the right kind of fat in your diet.

Avocados, oily fish and some nuts are good sources of healthy, unsaturated fat. Eating more of these (and less saturated fats found in processed foods) could help reduce your risk of certain diseases. And, they’re tasty meal additions, too!

So how can unsaturated fat help you lose belly weight?

Fat is incredibly satiating, and also takes a long time to digest. Eating a small amount of fat with every meal could help you feel fuller for longer, helping you to eat less overall.

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