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5 ideas to help you get to goal

Want to win at weight loss? Try these simple lifestyle changes.

What's your healthy weight loss goal?

Your goal may be in your sights, but to ensure it's within your grasp, try breaking your long-term goal into smaller steps.

Though the changes and achievements may seem small, they'll not only ladder up to big changes over time, but also make your journey more manageable.

For example, you could have a rough day where your 2st weight loss goal feels overwhelming and completely out of reach - but if you've broken that goal down into smaller steps, like losing 1-2lb per week, suddenly it doesn't seem so unmanageable.

By taking the journey step-by-step and celebrating each small milestone, you're more likely to keep making the choices that will take you towards your goal.

Try these other ideas to help you get to goal:

1. Remember your 'why'

Remembering why you're doing this in the first place is a great way to get motivated. Do you want to be healthier for your kids? To reduce your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes? If you're finding it tough (and don't worry if you are, we're all human) visualising your why is a great way to get back into an 'I've got this' mindset.

2. Be inspired by others

Your 'why' has to come from you. But that's not to say you can't take inspiration from other WW members' amazing stories and transformations. Get tips and advice in your Virtual Workshop, or head to Connect for inspiration at your fingertips.

3. Make a stand

This one's especially important considering how much time we're spending at home right now. If you're sitting more - whether that's down to Zoom calls or new hobbies like crafting - try standing up or walking around your home for a few minutes every half an hour or so. Being active is an important component of your weight loss and wellness journey - and our general health. Research shows that prolonged sitting can slows our metabolism, which affects our ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and to metabolise fat. 

4. Love your breakfast

In these topsy-turvy times, it's more important than ever to establish a routine to maintain a sense of normalcy. Why not start each day with a workout or meditation (you can find these in the WW app) followed by a delicious, SmartPoints-friendly breakfast? From cinnamon porridge to a healthy fry-up, there are plenty of filling breakfast options to get your day off to a great start.

5. Drink more...water

Using data from Public Health England, the Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that the number of high-risk drinkers doubled during the UK's first national lockdown.* Why not try sipping on sparkling water instead? (If you struggle with unflavoured water, you could jazz it up with some fruit or squash). This is a great way to limit your alcohol intake, stay hydrated and reduce hunger between meals. Don't forget to track your water intake using the water tracker in the app!

*If you're worried about how much alcohol you're drinking, make an appointment with your GP or contact a dedicated organisation like Alcoholics Anonymous.