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3 ways to budget for better weight loss

Want to see real success on the scales? Manage your SmartPoints® allowance well and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

So you’ve been given your daily and weekly SmartPoints® allowance, but now’s the time to learn to use it wisely. A few easy tips will help you get the most out of your weight-loss budget.

1. Use weeklies wisely
On top of your daily allowance, you’ll get an individual weekly one, too, just in case you need a little indulgence now and again. It’s designed to give you more flexibility, so you can stay on track while still enjoying yourself. You can choose to use it all in one go (for a big blow-out birthday weekend, maybe?) or you can spread it through the week for extra treats (like that evening glass of wine).

2. Track and go
The key to success on the plan? Track, track and track some more! Keep your daily budget in shape by tracking everything you eat or drink. It’s even easy to do it when you’re out and about – just update the WW app as you go, then there’s less chance you will forget anything.

3. Move it
Give your weight loss a boost by moving more. As well as a SmartPoints allowance, you’ll also get a personalised daily FitPoints® target to aim for. You can earn FitPoints by dancing, swimming, walking – or doing any activity you love. Enter your activity into the FitPoints tracker online or on your app and it will automatically calculate the FitPoints. You can also sync an activity device such as a Fitbit with your WW Online account – which makes getting enough exercise a breeze. And remember, the benefits of getting more active go beyond the scales – it’s great for re-energising and distressing, too.

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