2 Day

Published 7 February, 2018

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Breakfast: Overnight oats


Serves 1
These are great made the night before, but are just as good made right before you eat them. Mix 30g porridge oats, chopped fruit of your choice and fat free natural yogurt, leave either overnight in the fridge or in a container for a few mins before serving chilled.






Lunch: Falafel & feta salad – from yesterday’s lunch


Serves 4
Use up the rest of those cooked falafels today, serve again with the salad, 40g light feta and 1tbsp reduced fat houmous.



Dinner: Tikka-spiced salmon with pilaf


Serves 4
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2 Boiled eggs with spinach

6 Almonds

1 rice cake with 15g peanut butter

248ml skimmed milk to use throughout the day as you wish

Fresh 0 SmartPoints fruit and/or vegetables of your choice