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10 ideas to help you get to goal

Want to win at weight loss? Make a big impact at the scales with these small (and easy!) changes

Your ultimate weight-loss goal might be in your sights, but setting mini goals along the way will make the journey even easier. Each achievement will spur you on even further – and you’ll be more likely to succeed. Try these ideas...

Make your calendar work harder
Check your diary – is there a big event on the horizon? Work towards looking great and feeling more confident than ever by that date, and maybe even set aside a budget for a new (smaller) outfit.

Gather tips from people in the know
If you’re a Workshop + Digital member, jot down inspirational ideas from fellow WW Members. Aim to act on one tip for every WW Workshop. And if you’re an Digital Member, turn to the WW Community for advice.

Make a stand
Try sitting less every day – even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Think of an activity you’d usually sit down to do, such as talking on the phone or reading the newspaper, and do it standing up. 

Plan ahead
Want to be more in control of your food? Start taking packed lunches to work instead of eating out or buying sandwiches – and use the WW app for advice on what to bring along. You can plan ahead (and log your SmartPoints, mood and activity) using our journal.

Love your breakfast
Start the day the healthy way with a filling, balanced breakfast. It’ll stop hunger pangs and help curb snacking later in the day, too. Try yogurt with fresh berries, porridge made with skimmed milk and cinnamon, or wholewheat toast and poached eggs. Delish!

Make friends with fruit and veg
Challenge yourself to add zero heroes to your meals for three days in a row – and the habit could stick! Veggies are a great way to healthily bulk out sauces, salads, and sides; fruit is an ultra-portable snack for when you’re peckish. 

Rediscover water
Try sipping water between every bite of one of your meals – not only will you stay hydrated, you’ll be more mindful of what you’re eating, so you’ll enjoy your food more and feel satisfied at the end of the meal.

Weigh it out
Don’t just guesstimate your portions. Even if you’re hangry (that’s hungry and angry!), take an extra minute to weigh out your portion sizes, so you can track accurately, stay on plan (and avoid stress, too).