10 essential gadgets for a healthy kitchen

Hack your way to a healthy kitchen with these time-saving cooking tools designed to make meal prep easier.
Published 25 October, 2019

If you fancy updating your utensils stash to start cooking more often, and more healthily, check out our favourite finds to simplify healthy food prep.

Many of these are available in your WW Workshop or on the WW Shop.

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1. Omeletter maker


This easy-to-use omelette maker creates healthy and delicious omelettes in the microwave in minutes. Its non-stick coating means no oil is needed, helping to keep you on track with your SmartPoints® Budget.

2. Rice cooker


Do you want to cook the perfect fluffy rice and grains within a matter of minutes? With a science-backed design, this nifty rice cooker quickly cooks all types of rice, quinoa and cereals al dente in the microwave.

3. Egg poacher


How much easier would life be with an egg poacher? Make perfect poached eggs every time in just three minutes with this essential breakfast & brunch tool. 

4. Steamer


Compact, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, use this handy steamer to enjoy meals with little or no fat. It also preserves vitamins, textures and flavours, so you'll never have to force down soggy vegetables again!


5. Vegetable spiraliser


Uniform, curly vegetables noodles are just a twist away with this hand-held spiraliser. It works with a variety of fruits and vegetables, so whether you want to make courgette pasta, beetroot garnish for salads, sweet potato curly fries or anything in between, it's got you covered. 


6. Slice & Peel Mango Tool


As well as securing the fruit to stop it from rolling, this handy utensil peels, slices and removes the pit, making enjoying delicious mangoes easy and fuss-free.

7. Handheld slicer


With adjustable blades, this handheld slicer is perfect for slicing a range of fruit and vegetables efficiently in a custom range of cuts, by varying the thickness of the blades.

8. Grill frying pan


This non-stick pan lets you create your favourite grilled dishes without the need for oil or butter, helping you stay on track. Plus, it's easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

9. Pan liners


These pan liners eliminate the need for added fat, including oil, so you can keep the SmartPoints values of your favourite dish low. They're durable, washable and reusable too.


10. Jar to go


Once you've finished meal prepping, you'll need somewhere to store your culinary creations. This practical jar is the perfect way to transport soups, salads, breakfast cereals and more. It has two chambers, allowing you to store toppings or dressings separately, and add them to your dish when you're ready to eat.