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Published 7 February, 2018

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Breakfast: Overnight oats


Serves 1
Great made the night before or just before you eat them. Mix 30g porridge oats, chopped fruit of your choice and fat free natural yogurt, leave either overnight in the fridge or in a container for a few mins before serving chilled.






Lunch: Falafel & feta salad


Serves 4
Cook two servings of these falafels in one go and enjoy them for lunch on another day this week! Roast and mash 750g butternut squash. Mist a pan with cooking spray, cook 1 diced red onion until soft, then set aside. Blitz 2 x 400g tins chickpeas to a chunky purée. Add the onion, chickpeas, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1½ tsp each of ground cumin and coriander, 1 diced red chilli, and a handful of chopped coriander and parsley to the mash. Freeze half of the mixture and shape the rest into 12 balls, chill for 20 minutes then bake for 20-30 minutes, a 220°/200° fan/gas mark 7 until golden. Serve with a salad, 40g light feta and 1tbsp reduced fat houmous.




Dinner: Turkey & sweet potato chilli


Serves 4
Served with ½ pack microwave rice per person.
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1 Mini Babybel light

248ml skimmed milk to use throughout the day as you wish

Fresh 0 SmartPoints fruit and/or vegetables of your choice