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Workshop+Digital Access Code


Where do I find the Access Code?


Your access code is located on the Workshop+Digital (under the scratch off) that you purchased in the meeting room.

Activation of your WW Workshop+Digital account

To complete the sign up process for Workshop+Digital you must activate your account using the access code you purchased in the meeting room. To activate your account, enter the access code in the fields provided and click “continue sign up.” You must activate your account within 7 days of purchase.

If you do not have an access code and want to sign up for Workshop+Digital, start by finding a meeting near you to see if Workshop+Digital is available in your area.

WW eSource Leaflets

WW eSource is available exclusively to Meetings Members and only available at Workshops. If unavailable at your meeting please ask you leader when he/she expects the next delivery of leaflets in your Workshop location.

Pick up a WW eSource leaflet at your WeW Workshop for an Access Code.

Every WW eSource leaflet has a unique access code. WW eSource leaflets are available from your WW Workshop. Ask your Coach for a leaflet and follow the sign-up instructions.

Digital membership with WW

If you're interested in following the plan online, using our app and digital tools, you can ask your leader for help and advice and find out more here.