WW unveils three new wellness features in its highly-rated, award-winning mobile app

Published 25 June, 2020

Global wellness company provides members with additional tools to inspire and maintain healthy habits

WW International, Inc. (NASDAQ: WW), a global wellness company powered by the world’s leading commercial weight management program, has launched three new enhancements to its app to deepen experiences across key pillars: activity, sleep, nutrition, mindset and community. These science-backed, technological advancements expand the WW ecosystem, and further support the wellness journeys of millions of members globally. WW’s new in-app enhancements include:   

  • Activity Enhancements:  WW has partnered with FitOn, the new digital fitness app, to provide on-demand, trainer-lead video workouts.  Workouts range from low to high intensity, five minutes to 30 plus minutes, and include a variety of modalities including dance, strength training, yoga, interval training and cardio. These videos complement other in-app content, such as meditations from Headspace and audio workouts from Aaptiv. FitOn content is available on iOS devices and is coming soon to Android devices.
  • Sleep Tracking - Sleep plays a critical role in weight loss and is fundamental to wellness1. Healthy sleep patterns also improve immune function2, lead to better decision-making and improve mood1. Now, WW members can track sleep, get tailored advice based on what’s getting in the way of your sleep, and learn practical, science-based strategies to improve sleep habits. This feature, currently in beta, will see continued enhancements throughout the year including synchronisation with wearable devices.
  • Water Tracking - WW members can now track water intake alongside food intake as a way to encourage continued healthy habits. Water intake is a critical part of health and wellness and provides many health benefits, such as supporting digestion3, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells and optimising brain function4. 


In addition to these new app features, WW launched Virtual Workshops in March 2020 to bring its community together during the global health crisis and help them maintain their overall health and well-being while experiencing the personal connection of a WW Workshop. 

“Innovation is the cornerstone of WW, and our app brings people together around the world, allowing them to feel a sense of community and delivering incredible tools they can rely on many times a day. We are focused on supporting wellness journeys and these new features will be central for the overall health of our members,” said Michael Lysaght, WW Chief Digital Officer. 

Anna Hill, SVP and General Manager of WW UK, said: “With health more important than ever, we continue to strengthen our digital experience and expand our offering by moving further into wellness. These exciting new enhancements to the WW app will provide our members with the tools they need to track their overall health and wellbeing. Whether it's food, water, sleep, mindset or activity, all can play a vital role in supporting our members to reach their goals. 

“Moving our brand into the digital era is a continuous focus for us, which is why we recently launched Live Virtual Workshops so members can continue to look after their overall health and wellbeing during this time in isolation.”

WW members will have access to the new features within the WW app, which is included with a membership on the myWW program. The program is the company’s most customised and flexible ever, rooted in WW’s scientifically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition and grounded in the SmartPoints® system and ZeroPoint™ foods. WW remains a category leader, having been ranked for a decade as #1 “Best for Weight Loss” by health experts in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Diets rankings.   


For further information on WW please go to www.ww.com.


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