Busy Brits banish blues this January

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Thursday 29th January 2015


One in five people have spent the month socialising with friends and family – prioritising it over going to the gym (21%) and only 2% of the nation made it a ‘dry January’.

A quarter of Brits have spent time in January booking or planning holidays for the year ahead and 18% took advantage of money saving offers making the most of vouchers and sales.

A third of women have prioritised getting their finances in shape and over a third have prioritised setting personal goals for 2015.

35% of Brits (41% of women) said losing weight was a main priority for January, but over two thirds of people said they were not following a healthy eating plan.

17% of women said that they had not started a New Year diet because they have wanted to use the food left over from Christmas and only 5% said they didn’t start one because they had the ‘January blues’


Forget January Blues, this January Brits have been busy wiping the slate clean and getting set for the year ahead. But as a nation are we putting too much pressure on ourselves to make significant changes, whilst hindering our own success with the many lifestyle choices we made during the month?

Research commissioned by Weight Watchers UK has revealed that contrary to popular belief, it seems that January was set to fail in the healthy living stakes as more than one in five Brits have spent the month busy socialising with friends and family (23%) and focused their sights on planning their holidays (25%) above being more active (21%). It is no wonder that only 2% of the nation said they tried abstaining from alcohol during January.

Whilst nearly a third of Brits (31%) were planning on following a diet in the New Year[i], only one in ten (13%)[ii] admit that are actually still following the healthy eating plan they started on the 1st January 2015.

A third of Brits (35%) ranked losing weight a main priority for January but over two thirds (68%) have since opted out of following a healthy eating plan this month. A fifth (22%) of those currently not on a diet claimed they are thinking of kicking off a diet/healthy eating plan in February instead.

Women were feeling determined this month, with over a third (36%) setting themselves personal goals for the year ahead and one in three (33%) making sure that ‘getting their finances line’. Over two fifths (45%) of people who felt that finances were a priority this month were aged 25 -34 years old, compared to just over  one in five aged 55 and over (23%).

Julia Westgarth Programme Development Manager for Weight Watchers comments; “Gone are the days when January was a time to hibernate and recover from the festive period. January was all about taking action and setting ourselves up for the year ahead with holiday plans, socialising, getting finances in order and at the same time being healthier and losing weight. The lists are endless and it does seem that Brits are setting themselves up for failure by putting too much pressure on themselves to achieve so much in just one month.”

“Whether it's for your summer holiday or if it is part of your personal goals, just because January has slipped by it’s still not too late to start a healthy plan to lose weight. This February we urge people to keep their goals realistic and look at making smaller achievable changes that can be maintained. It’s also important to learn to manage your environment and ensure the choices you make fit to your lifestyle and take into account that you will still want to do things like socialise with friends.”

Not wanting to be wasteful British women also cited wanting to use the leftover food from Christmas (17%) as one of their reasons for not adopting a New Year diet or healthy lifestyle.

When asked, only 5% of Brits who said they weren’t currently on a diet/ health plan actually felt they had the January blues this year. Perhaps a result of not having the time to feel blue, as we have been too preoccupied with planning for the rest of the year.

Julia concludes “January is a great time to set new goals to live a healthier lifestyle but people need to be wary of opting for diets and other methods which promise rapid weight loss, as often they are not sustainable and can pose risks to your health. Scientific studies* have shown that gradual weight loss, coupled with long-term behavioural changes and a supportive environment are key to losing weight and keeping it off. If weight loss is part of your goals for the year, make sure you choose and follow a healthy plan that you can keep up and provides the right support to help change your relationship with food for good.”

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