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Lack of body confidence stops women from enjoying summer

Press release
28 May 2015


As we look forward to summer, a survey amongst members of Weight Watchers has revealed that stripping off for the beach can be a challenge as more than two thirds (77%) of females polled don’t feel confident in swimwear. For some bikinis are completely out of the question, as 64% of women claimed they would rather go to the dentist and a further 18% were willing to give up a month’s wages than brave a revealing two piece.

Tummies (79%) and thighs (56%) are the biggest source of insecurity with a nearly a third of women polled finding it harder to dress for the beach than for a wedding, work event or night out. 1 in 3 of those surveyed also purchased their swimwear online because they felt uncomfortable in shops.

A lack of body confidence has even stopped women from certain holiday activities with more than 42% of women avoiding sunbathing by the pool or the beach, 41% decided not to try a new water sport and surprisingly nearly a quarter have given up beach holidays all together.

Sadly body confidence doesn’t just affect the individual as 13% revealed that their confidence had stopped them from swimming with their children, impacting family fun.

“Summer holidays should be about spending time with family and friends, relaxing and making memories” says Zoe Griffiths, Head of Programme and Public Health at Weight Watchers UK. “It is worrying that women are avoiding the beach and even swimming with their children because they feel self-conscience about their body or weight.”  

“We recognise that lots of people fear having to wear a swimsuit, but if you embark on a steady and sensible healthy weight loss journey, you can spend all your time enjoying the summer rather than figuring out how to avoid it.”

Already taking a positive step, more than half of those surveyed said that they were taking healthy steps to lose weight in preparation for their holiday, with 82% of women saying that losing the weight will make them feel healthier and that they were looking forward to feeling happier (75%) and more confident (72%).

Zoe Griffiths continues “whilst having a short term goal like feeling confident on the beach to inspire weight loss is great, the key is to focus on having a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and positive attitude in the long term to feel confident in your own skin.”


Feel good for summer with Weight Watchers’ top ten tips

Be inspired: It may be an old photo or a quote but put this in a place such as on the fridge or on your phone where it will always inspire you and remind you of your health or fitness goal.

Get support: Get healthy with a friend or family member so you motivate each other for that trip away.

Track: When following a healthy eating plan monitor what you eat and if it helps write it down. It’s easy to forget that chocolate bar you ate on the way home from work or the extra slices of cheese you ate while making the kid’s dinner.

Sip smart: Our body weight is two-thirds fluid, which means staying hydrated is key to staying healthy. Aim to drink 6–8 glasses (1.2 litres) of water per day.

Get fruity: Fruit is not just essential for health, it’s also a great hunger- busting back-up if it’s a bit too early for lunch. With zero SmartPoints values, there’s no reason not to munch!

Get active: With the longer days getting out for a walk, doing some gardening or playing with the children is a lot easier and is a great way to get fit.

Don’t fixate on one area of your body: Hate your thighs? Every time you start to criticise them stop and think of something positive about them instead.

Shop your shape: Shop for a swimsuit that you love, that flatters your body which you’ll feel great in. Don’t feel bad if there is certain style that doesn’t look like it does on a mannequin.

Treat yourself: Banning foods will only make you want them more so treat yourself on your days off. Banish the kids, turn off your phone and savour it.

Think about the positives: Shift your focus to what you do like can you help you feel more positive about your body and will make you feel generally more confident. 


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Notes to the editor

* All statistics taken from survey carried out by LJ&P: Total sample size 1,193 of which 82% were Weight Watchers members. Survey conducted between 25 February and 1 April. Survey was carried out online and via Weight Watchers magazine.


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