Press release: 17th July 2015 | WW UK


the Scientific Advisory and Nutrition Committee’s (SACN) final
report on carbohydrates and sugar consumption


Friday 17th July 2015

Zoe Griffiths, Head of Public Health for Weight Watchers comments; “we welcome the recommendation from the Scientific Advisory and Nutrition Committee (SACN) that calories in the diet from sugar be cut from 10% to 5%.”

“The UK’s obesity epidemic continues to grow with two thirds1 of adults already classed as being overweight or obese, contributing to the growing number of Brits with serious health conditions such as diabetes. We cannot ignore that increased sugar consumption plays a part in this.”

“At Weight Watchers we are committed to changing Britain’s relationship with food through education, support and motivation. Part of this approach is all about making informed choices, so we look forward to the Government’s strategy to tackle the obesity crisis, due for release later this year. We hope that it actively addresses the issue of sugar consumption as part of the wider measures to help the public make healthier and sustainable choices.”


Foods surprisingly high in sugar:

Fruit smoothies: According to a recent Which? Survey almost half of the 52 smoothies available on the market at the time contained over 30g (6 teaspoons) sugar in a 250ml serving.  It also found that 80% of the smoothies tested had more sugar than a 250ml serving of Coca-Cola2. 

A fruit cider can have around 37g of sugar in each pint, that’s 7.5 teaspoons of sugar per pint!

Condiments like sweet chilli sauce and ketchup can contain lots of sugar, so take care when adding that dollop to your meal. Sweet chilli contains around 7g sugar in every tablespoon and tomato ketchup contains 4g of sugar in every tablespoon.

Dried fruit has a high concentration of sugar because all the water has been removed from the fruit. Although they are naturally occurring sugars, beware of portion sizes as a 25g portion of mixed dried fruit has around 17g of sugar.

When it comes to choosing a yogurt we can find lots that are low in fat but they tend to be high in sugar.  Low fat varieties of yogurt can range from having less than 5% sugar to having over 10% sugar content.




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