Weight Watchers unveils new holistic programme



Weight Watchers has today launched its breakthrough holistic approach to help people lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. The new programme includes a change to its points system to all-new SmartPoints™, encouraging members to adopt a holistic approach to healthy living with a focus on what they eat, how they think and how they move.

This is one of the most significant and comprehensive programme innovations in Weight Watchers’ history and comes as a direct response to extensive research and understanding of consumer attitudes to weight management and the latest science including a firmer focus on good health.

The new programme offers:  

Eating healthier with new SmartPoints based on the latest nutritional science, to not only help members lose weight but to make healthy choices simple, by nudging you to food and drink which are lower in sugar and saturated fat and higher in lean protein. A SmartPoints value is one, easy to use number that’s based on four macro nutrients: calories, protein, sugar and saturated fat. As always, nothing is off the menu, it is all about balance and most fresh fruits and vegetables are zero SmartPoints.

Fitness your way. Weight Watchers has always encouraged members to incorporate fitness into their approach to weight management, but with the introduction of new FitPoints™, all members will receive personalised goals and have access to tools to help them include activity and fitness in their lifestyles. Members with a wearable device like a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch can also take their Weight Watchers app to the next level and sync up all their activity.

Wellbeing skills to tune in and unlock the inner strength to make healthy living easier and achieve goals that go beyond weight loss.  We will encourage members to take care of themselves and use evidence based techniques to destress, think positively, focus on their happiness and help them get energised.

All new personalised digital tools including a brand new App, with a personalised assessment evaluating member’s wellbeing before they start and updates throughout their journey. Later in December 2015 we will launch Connect, a vibrant social forum, to ensure the Weight Watchers community is always in the palm of your hand. This support will be in addition to our popular 24/7 Online Coach, where a member can make contact with our expert coaches at any time of the day, wherever they are. Our meeting experience has also been enhanced to become even more focused on each and every member. The magic of our meetings is all about the people in them.

“This is truly an exciting time for Weight Watchers, we are redefining success beyond the scales. We want to empower our members through food, fitness and wellbeing to not only lose weight but embrace a healthy lifestyle” commented, Jeanine Lemmens, Weight Watchers UK General Manager. “This is the biggest innovation in Weight Watchers’ 50 year history. Not only with the evolution of the programme but the complete change and enhancement to our digital tools and meeting experience, which means the programme is wholly personalised to a member’s unique needs”.

Zoe Griffiths, Head of Public Health and Programme at Weight Watchers, added; “with obesity rates in the UK continuing to rise, people more than ever need inspiration and guidance to make healthier choices in today’s food-fuelled environment, especially with the current confusion around nutrients like sugar. With SmartPoints™ we have taken our strongest stance ever on eating healthier foods and have made it easy for our members to make those decisions.”

“Clinical evidence shows that happier people tend to make healthier choices and our holistic approach not only delivers weight loss results but helps members discover the confidence needed to start, the motivation to stay inspired and the positive energy to keep going.”

For more information please contact:

Sharon Carson, 07900 494 736 or scarson@weight-watchers.co.uk

OR WeightWatchers@shinecom.com or call 0207 100 7100

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