Weight Watchers OnlinePlus includes:

  • Our SmartPoints program. Have you heard? Members lost 15% more weight on their first two months following the SmartPoints program than those who followed a previous program.*
  • The proven SmartPoints® plan, which guides you toward delicious, healthy choices that’ll make you feel great.
  • A full suite of digital tools at your fingertips: Over 4,000 recipes, seamless tracking, helpful articles, and videos (including the “Connecting with Oprah” series).
  • Connect – an empowering Instagram-style social network for Weight Watchers members only, filled with positivity, honesty, and inspiration.
  • 24/7 Expert Chat — real-time support from trained coaches who’ve been in your shoes and lost weight on the program.

*Comparing Meetings members who weighed in two months after starting the program versus the same time period the prior year.