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Knowing the building blocks of healthy cooking and eating can be a key to weight-loss success.
Healthy recipe

When it comes to cooking, no matter how much (or how little) time you’re willing to spend in the kitchen, healthy recipes can be a real key to weight-loss success. You don't have to be a cook to follow Weight Watchers or be successful at losing weight, of course, but it can help make it easier as it puts you in complete control of what ends up on your plate.

Weight Watchers helps take the guesswork out of cooking and makes it easy to find and create delicious and healthy recipes. It’s a perfect weight-loss program for people who love food, because we’re all about squeezing the absolute most, in terms of flavor and nutrition, into every bite you take.

Check out our Food & Recipes section for a sample — each day there’s a new Recipe of the Day that’ll give you a sneak peek into the 4,000+ recipes that have been developed exclusively for subscribers to Weight Watchers Online and eTools. Using our proven PointsPlus® formula, a team of expert recipe developers design our recipes — from old favorites to new flavors — to get the perfect balance of “this isn’t diet food!” flavor and bang for the PointsPlus value buck.

The building blocks for many of our recipes are Weight Watchers Power Foods. These nutritional powerhouses are good for you, satisfying and delicious. Power Foods also tend to be lower in PointsPlus values (in fact, fresh fruits and most vegetables are 0 PointsPlus values!). By focusing on these foods, we’re able to make picking a balanced, delicious, better-for-you recipe a no-brainer.

You don’t have to give up the foods and recipes you love, either. Weight Online and eTools subscribers get access to a database of 190,000 (and growing) foods, including many supermarket brands, and tools like a Recipe Builder that gives you the PointsPlus values for your favorite recipes, and even suggests ways of lightening them up.

Another tool, the Recipe Genie, gives you recipe ideas for the stuff you already have in your pantry and fridge. Just plug in up to three ingredients and choose from the results.

All these tools mean that our food plan can work for all kinds of people — men and women, foodies and fast-food fans, vegetarians and steak lovers, and those with dietary restrictions.

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