Meet Emily
When Emily overheard someone in a restaurant call her fat, it was the last straw. She decided to lose the weight and set a good example for her daughter.
Meet Renee
With a mom as a past Leader, Renee knew Weight Watchers worked. When her doctor told her she may have to go on high blood pressure meds, that’s when she joined herself.
Meet Susan
In 2008, Suzi, a self-proclaimed beer lover, weighed more than 250 pounds and was wearing a size 22. She wasn’t happy with the person she’d become by making constant unhealthy choices. But she started attending Weight Watchers meetings and following the Plan and now she’s on track, at goal and is a Weight Watchers Leader, herself!
Meet Lindsey
After Lindsey got to goal and graduated from college, she moved across the country and landed her dream job.
Meet Brian
Brian only joined Weight Watchers Meetings to support his wife. But when he found out the program isn’t just for women, he lost weight, too.
Meet Jennifer
Jennifer found a plan she could really commit to when she learned she could still eat the foods she loved.

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Succes story
We asked Online subscribers who saw success to tell us how losing weight clicked for them. Out of thousands of entries, we picked a lucky seven to appear in our commercials.