Moving to Goal

 It’s more than just feeling like I have more energy. It’s a self-worth thing. I’ve stopped hiding. I’m proud of the way I look, and that just affects everything else. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Jane always thought the answer to her weight problem was stepping up her daily workouts, not following a well-balanced diet. She pushed herself to her absolute limit every day, and afterward she felt exhausted, sore, and hungry for a sweet treat. But Jane found the path to success by working on her portion control and exercising in moderation.

In Jane's words:

For years, I wanted to lose weight, and I thought I could do so through intense fitness programs. When the scale wasn't budging, I knew that I had to combine all this exercise with a balanced way of eating. Turns out, all of these lifestyle changes not only affected me in a positive way, but my family, too — and it's amazing!

A Former Workout Fiend

My workouts were grueling and time consuming, and I would finish feeling completely drained. I developed aches in my back and my knee, but I pushed through the pain, thinking the weight would eventually fall off, but it never did. Workouts made me very hungry, but I never thought to do a specific nutrition program while exercising intensely. I'm a mom and I make meals that we all share as a family. There was no way that could I make two separate meals every night! But doing the same unsuccessful workouts everyday became monotonous, and I really wanted to lose weight. I knew I had to make a change, so I joined Weight Watchers as Online subscriber.

Making Better Food Choices

One of my biggest concerns with Weight Watchers was that I was going to feel super hungry all the time. I couldn't imagine starving myself to lose weight. But I learned some easy food swaps that really benefited me. I learned not to drink my calories, a habit I picked up while doing these exercise programs. I love a glass of orange juice in the morning, but I swapped artificial sugars for the natural sweetness of orange slices. I can't go the day without an afternoon snack, so I saved my morning points for a small sweet treat after lunch. It was a total lifestyle adjustment, but I saw a few pounds gone within two weeks, and that gave me the confidence to keep going.

Half the Effort, Twice the Fun

I gave up on my hour-long workouts and opted for shorter, more enjoyable exercises. I started swimming again — I was an avid swimmer and lifeguard as a young adult. Getting back in the water reminded me of my love for the pool. I swam laps, did some ab exercises, and taught my daughters how to flip underwater. Swimming helped increase my cardiovascular strength, which in turn helped with my running and biking. Rollerblading on a long trail is another one of my childhood favorites, and it's a great leg and thigh workout — when I'm on my skates, my half hour of exercise goes by so quickly. Swimming and rollerblading were a complete change from the crazy workouts I was used to, and I've never looked back!

Getting the Gang Involved

As a family, we all enjoy living a healthy life — my husband and daughters also love the light and delicious recipes I make. My girls helped me start an organic garden in our spacious backyard; together we plant, weed, and snack on the fresh fruits and vegetables grown right at home. I can spend all day outside gardening without feeling like I need a nap. We even read food labels together! My husband is also extremely supportive; he participates in strength competitions and empowers me to keep up my high energy, especially on our bike rides. Our lifestyle as a family has completely changed, and we're excited about it.

Finally Feeling Worthy

I've found a greater sense of self-worth since losing weight. I don't shy away from photos anymore or skip happy hours and class reunions like I used to. I rediscovered workouts that I love and feel closer to my family. I'm proud of the person I've become!