Megan's Weight-Loss Journey

Megan after
Megan before
 I've met some of my best friends through the Message Boards, and they're there for me whenever I post a 'Help! I've already eaten but I want to snack!' message. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Megan lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

Three big signs left Megan searching for a way to lose weight, but group meetings aren't her style. She quickly found out that do-it-yourself progress was just a mouse click away.

Having two children did a number on my waistline. I was eating for an army—not a baby—each time I was pregnant. But the babies weighed six pounds, and the rest of the weight was all mine.

I tried lots of things—even home exercise machines (a treadmill makes a great Christmas decoration if you attach fishing line to reindeer to make it look like they're flying)—but I never found a plan I could stick with.

Sadness and Joy
In 1994, I left a bad marriage, and in 1995 I lost my son to a hit-and-run drunk driver. That time in my life was incredibly hard, and I lost weight very unhealthily because I just wasn't eating.

But in 1996, I met my new husband, Tom, and smiles re-entered my life. So did food—I was so happy that I took full advantage of food both at home and at restaurants.

Everywhere Signs
In August of 2002, I met American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin at a local pool hall while they were taping for the show. I snapped a photo with her and posted it on the American Idol Web site's discussion boards. Somebody responded, "Who is that fat woman with poor Nikki?" That was a big "Ouch" for me—but I pushed it aside.

That September, I had two doctors appointments, and both mentioned my weight gain. My long-time physician said, "Have you thought about Weight Watchers?"

Third sign's a charm for me, so I took a pamphlet. But as soon as I saw there were meetings involved, I said no. I want to sit home and eat and watch football—not spend my free time at a meeting! Then my husband saw the word "online."

It sounded too easy.
I'm a child of the Internet, so being able to subscribe to Weight Watchers Online and follow the POINTS® Weight-Loss System sounded too good to be true—it was like a game. The online food journal and recipe builder were key for me. I was shocked to find out how badly I'd been eating when I entered my standard dinner recipes—but I quickly found healthy foods to change my old ways.

I reached my goal weight in 2003,* and Tom and I celebrated in a non-food way by taking a tour of Texas Stadium, home of my Dallas Cowboys. I cried when we walked out on the field as I remembered how hard it was for me to even walk before I started Weight Watchers.

A Bumpy Journey
In 2004, I was diagnosed with food allergies (wheat, yeast, corn, milk, eggs and soy), and my weight started to rise again after that. Luckily, I could use the Recipe Builder to create new meals online, and I got myself on track. Hey, setbacks happen. But I'm back at goal again!

How did I get back there? All-day access to encouragement and inspiration on the Message Boards. I've met some of my best friends through the Message Boards, and they're there for me whenever I post a "Help! I've already eaten but I want to snack!" message. We talk all the time—it's like we're high school girls on the phone.

Megan's Tips:
  • Fight old patterns. I lost weight my first and second weeks, but the third week I lost nothing. My instinct was to say, "See? It doesn't work," and give up. My husband encouraged me to keep trying.
  • Always plan ahead so you're aware of what you're eating. Even after a cruise I came back with a one-pound loss.
  • Incorporate fitness in the form of a workout you love—for me, that means belly dancing or hula classes.
  • When you're cooking a lot of food for the holidays, suck on a Tootsie Roll Pop. It'll keep your mouth occupied so you don't graze as you bake.
  • Set mini-goals for yourself—and make sure they come with mini-rewards like a new bracelet or smaller-size shorts.