Riding to Goal

 I feel like I’m in control. It’s taken my self-confidence to a whole new level. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
All it took was motivation from his father to get Kyle off the couch and on track to a healthy life.
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In Kyle's words:
Weight has always been a problem for me—for my whole family really. I had tried other diets before but nothing really worked. After going to college, I didn't just put on the "freshman 15"—I put on 40 pounds. My dad sat me down and was very frank with me. He said, "I see you're spiraling out of control and you don't want to be 21 years old facing an uphill battle with diabetes. It's time to get a handle on this. You have to make a choice." Right then and there, we decided to join Weight Watchers for Men together. My life has only been getting better since.

Shedding the armor
When I was heavier, I used to wear what I call my "safety outfit." It would be a hot day in June and I would be outside grilling in a fleece sweater. I was very self-conscious—and when you're self-conscious everything just snowballs from there. When you don't feel good, you stress-eat and feel even more depressed. After losing the weight, I'm a much more confident person. I'm a runner, I'm a cyclist. Being active is a lot easier without 69 pounds of extra weight—and a bulky fleece sweater!

Unleashing an athlete
My sister got into cycling after college. She's in a women's cycling league and does different kinds of long rides. My dad started joining her, and once I had lost about 65 pounds, she suggested I do the same. I enjoyed riding my bike throughout the years, but I never tried it at this level. My sister started taking me out riding in the morning. We took baby steps; I started out doing 10-15 mile rides. She taught me different techniques like how to pace myself and how to pedal properly. Gradually, the rides became longer and longer. By the end of that first summer, I did a 40-mile ride. Just recently, I completed a 63-mile ride with upwards of 5,000 feet in elevation. It took me 5 hours, and it was something I could never have dreamed of doing when I was 262 pounds. It was a major accomplishment for me. Starting out slow was key for me. I did the same with running; I started out doing a "couch to 5K" program and now I'm running half marathons.

Love and Support
My father and I have always been very close, but this definitely brought us even closer. The fact that he was willing to change his lifestyle to help me meant so much to me. It was a real father-son bonding moment. My wife—as of August 2015!—has been with me since I was heavy. She has been so supportive and helpful through this whole process—even when I have my emotional day. She even continues to make meals from all of our Weight Watchers cookbooks for dinner. It's so important to have a solid cheering section; my support system is everything to me.

A lesson learned
Growing up, I was an active kid and played a lot of sports, but after practice, I'd go eat a bacon and cheese omelette, without even thinking about it. Now, I've become so conscious of how I eat. It's not about cutting things out of your life; it's not about limiting yourself. If I want a slice of pizza, I'll have one, but I understand what effect it has on me now. I feel like I've finally learned how to eat.

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