New Body, New Wardrobe

Name Michelle
Age 44
Height 5'4"
Was 204 lbs
Lost   67 lbs*
Weight 137 lbs
As of 9/16/2003
*Results not typical.


Michelle lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

Now that Michelle has dropped almost 70 pounds*, she faces a new dilemma: Too many great-looking clothes to buy!

Michelle joined Weight Watchers in July 2001 after deciding on a whim to accompany a co-worker to a meeting. By October 2002, after joining Weight Watchers meetings and following the POINTS® Weight-Loss System, she'd lost 67 pounds* and gained a newfound love of shopping. "It used to be hard to find one special-occasion dress that looked good," she says. "Now, at 137 pounds, nearly everything I try on is flattering. It's a problem that can only be solved by buying them all!" What's your secret for handling temptations?

Michelle: There are some foods like candy and chips that I can't resist. My solution is to buy one small bag instead of jumbo size. When it's gone it's gone. What did you do to keep yourself motivated?

Michelle: I gave myself a little treat for each milestone: manicures, pedicures, massages, new clothes. What role did exercise play in your weight loss?

Michelle: Before joining Weight Watchers I didn't exercise. The trick is to find activities that you enjoy. My husband bought me a bicycle and I love riding it. I also like Pilates and step classes. How did you handle those periods when the scale refused to budge downward?

Michelle: I refused to be a slave to numbers. I kept telling myself how great it was to finally be living in a healthy way and how awful it would be to slide back into old habits. I knew eventually I'd start losing again and I always did. Is Maintenance easier or harder than losing weight?

Michelle: It's more of a challenge. You've got to keep coming up with new goals, such as resisting fattening food at a party. And keep rewarding yourself for those too. What is your advice to members?

Michelle: You never have to be hungry. Keep eating small, healthy meals. I'm constantly nibbling on fruit, carrots, pickles, Orville Redenbacher's® 100% Popcorn Cakes &150 the crunchier the snack the better.

Michelle's tips:

  • Never allow yourself to get to that, "I'm starving!" stage. Eat small snacks every few hours.

  • Check out the message boards. On Food Talk I'm constantly learning about different foods that are low in POINTS values – like energizing snack bars – that fill you up.

  • Don't pressure yourself to reach goal. I hear people say, "I have so much weight to lose." I was pretty mellow throughout the process. When I lost, it was great. When I didn't, I took it in stride and reapplied myself.


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