Confessions of a Converted Couch Potato

Tory After
Tory Before
 I used to think everyone had sore feet in the evenings, heartburn and lower back pain. Now those ailments rarely bother me. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Tory lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

Tory used to only dream of a life filled with action, adventure and self-confidence. Today she's lost the extra weight and counts marathons and skydiving among her accomplishments.

Several years ago, I was looking through scrapbooks at a relative's home. I noticed that she had digitally altered all the pictures of me to either make me look thinner or place something in front of me. Incredibly hurt, I emailed her to say that I expected my family to accept me as I was, because I was a fat woman and always would be — after all, I had worked hard to love myself at 222 pounds! It was only later that I thought, "If I love myself, why am I abusing my body with overeating and lack of exercise?" I also had a nagging feeling that my weight was keeping me from doing all kinds of things. That was my year of self-discovery, and it culminated with my subscribing to Weight Watchers Online to change my lifestyle.

Forgetting about "amnesia eating"
I used to tell my kids I was an amnesia eater. I didn't binge or stress eat, I just ate because the food was there. Three minutes after having a brownie, I'd forget and take another! Following the Plan and keeping track of everything I ate — a healthier diet — helped keep me in check. I also started exercising. I'm an adventurer at heart, and used to wish I could do the simplest things, like bike through Seattle. Today, I've run a marathon, skydived and completed two triathlons. I call myself a converted couch potato!

Better health is a family affair
An important thing I've learned was that it wasn't just my weight that was holding me back, it was also my lack of confidence. Taking control of my health was the best thing I ever did. I used to think everyone had sore feet in the evenings, heartburn and lower back pain. Now those ailments rarely bother me. And although my husband did not subscribe to Weight Watchers Online, he ended up eating healthier foods along with me and he's lost weight, too! We've finally become the active, healthy people we always dreamed of being.

Surprise — I'm skinny!
One of the best parts of this journey was surprising my family, whom I hadn't told about my weight loss, when I visited for the holidays. At the airport, I watched in amusement as my brother walked past me four times! My mom didn't recognize me either, and nearly started to cry when she realized who it was. It was the best Christmas ever because my improved health was a gift to my husband, my family and myself. Oh, and being able to share clothes with my skinny sisters wasn't half bad, either.

Tory's Tips
  • Eating lots of little meals helps keep me from getting ravenous and out of control.
  • I have salads for both lunch and dinner, and they're never dull! My Southwestern version features chicken, corn and a dressing made of barbecue sauce and fat-free sour cream.
  • You can make your own chips by sprinkling chili powder on corn tortilla wedges and baking them.
  • Skip the giant muffins at catered breakfasts — they almost always have a high PointsPlus value! Instead, I carry high-fiber Baker's Breakfast Cookies in my purse.
  • When on vacation, even in Europe, the very first thing we do is head for the grocery store to stock up on healthy foods.
  • Buy produce in bulk. I lug home bargain-priced boxes of romaine hearts, mushrooms, peppers, grapes and apples.
  • I turn plain chicken breasts or turkey burgers into fancy fare with Costco's delicious fat-free mango salsa.
  • Instead of a doughnut, choose a healthy breakfast of cereal with strawberries and yogurt — yummy and very filling.
  • Keep a drawer filled with snacks low in PointsPlus values — like granola bars and raisins — that you can grab without worrying about straying from the plan.

*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week