A Power Couple

 So many things we do every day wouldn’t have even been an option before joining Weight Watchers.  
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
When newlyweds Rose and Mike joined Weight Watchers meetings, they knew they’d learn healthy habits and maybe drop a few pounds. What Rose never imagined was that she’d lose more than half of her body weight and gain an entirely new outlook on life. Now with a young son in tow, this successful couple is on the move and not looking back.

In Rose's words:

Life as an obese person wasn’t easy. I avoided situations where I’d have to climb stairs, walk up hills, stand for an extended period of time, sit on the ground or do any number of other basic activities. Tying my shoes in the morning was an ordeal that I would put off until the last minute. I would heave a big breath before bending over to tie the first shoe, then I’d have to sit up and take another deep breath before tying the second one. I could feel my face turn red. This was no way for any person to live, let alone a 26-year-old newlywed.

Joining with the hubby
My husband Mike and I decided to join Weight Watchers meetings together. At the time, we felt we didn’t really have a choice. We were both obese, and our weight was interfering with our relationship in many ways. We couldn’t even reach our arms around each other in a simple hug. Luckily, we took to the Plan like ducks to water. Because we both work in front of a computer, we’re able to keep eTools on hand all day.

A new addition
About six months into the Program, I found out I was expecting. While I didn’t weigh-in or count PointsPlus values during my pregnancy, I continued to make healthy choices based on what I learned from Weight Watchers. After all, I was still cooking for my husband who was on Plan. After the birth of our son, I re-joined to lose the baby weight. Our new lifestyle gave us the energy we needed to keep up with our new addition. I can’t imagine the pain and discomfort that would have come along with raising a toddler in my obese body. So many things we now do every day (like playing on the ground with our son and running around the playground) wouldn’t have even been an option before joining Weight Watchers.

Making changes
We keep our breakfasts and lunches fairly similar from day to day, which gives us a lot of flexibility for dinners and eating out with friends. We love to eat out so we were thrilled to find that sushi was one way we could go out to eat without blowing our PointsPlus budget. Our first date was to a sushi restaurant and we continue to enjoy it regularly. We even bring our young son with us on sushi dates!

Creating new routines
My husband and I used to come home, have a huge dinner, then collapse on the couch to watch TV before going to sleep. Now, because we’re making healthier food choices, we have the energy to be active after dinner. I don’t have a strict workout routine, but I have started a vegetable garden. Gardening is more of a workout than you might think! We regularly go to the farmer’s market and always park as far away as possible. We also enjoy active video games using Wii or Kinect.

Having your husband as your weight-loss partner is a huge help. We’re both in it for the same reasons. Whenever one of us would be tempted to make a poor food choice, the other was there to ask, “Is that really worth it?” Most of the time, it’s not.

A refined palate
Shortly after joining Weight Watchers, we realized our palates were changing. We’d forgotten what good, clean, simple food tasted like. Now I’m constantly looking for new ways to prepare different fresh ingredients in a healthy way. Once we got rid of heavy, fatty, sugary sauces and started really tasting our food again, a whole new world of food possibilities became open to us. Now we choose whole grains. We eat vegetables like beets, sunchokes, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. We never would have tried those before.

A huge milestone
My current weight is about 40 pounds lighter than I was in 5th grade. Dropping below that number was a huge emotional hurdle for me. My progress stalled a bit while I worked on making peace with all the things I missed out on as an overweight child. I had to grieve and then forgive myself before I could continue to lose weight. I’m still getting used to my smaller body, but I’m so much happier now. My life is so much fuller. Not only can I share a full, warm embrace with my husband, but he can carry me across the room!

Slow and steady
By taking this journey one step at a time (and sometimes stumbling along the way), I know the weight will never come back. Three and a half years may seem like a long time to take to get to your goal weight, but I know this was the most sustainable road I could have taken. My leader, Pam, was with me every step of the way to show me how to overcome any obstacle or challenge. There’s no way I would have been successful without her. Because of Weight Watchers I no longer think in terms of “I can’t” or “I won’t.” Now I just think, “I wonder what would happen if…” and then I go out and try something new.