Bells on Her Toes

Carrie After
Carrie Before Before
Name Carrie
Age 33
Height 5'3"
Was 184 lbs
Lost   40.2 lbs*
Weight 143.8 lbs
As of 4/28/2007
*Results not typical.


Carrie lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

Carrie began to lose weight for health reasons, but she found as she got slimmer, she felt more feminine and sexier.

In January 2006, at my annual checkup, my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight because of my family history of diabetes and heart disease. She suggested trying Weight Watchers because it works and is nutritionally balanced.

I had been overweight from age 11 on, so being advised to lose weight came as no surprise. I hated being bigger because it was so hard to find stylish clothes that fit me, and sometimes I didn't have enough energy to keep up with my active little boys. I just never had any lasting success with anything I tried and had given up on achieving a healthy weight.

At first, I was overwhelmed that I had almost 70 pounds to lose to fit into the healthy BMI range for my height, but I did take my doctor's words to heart and joined Weight Watchers meetings. Luckily, my heath plan allowed me to use my flexible spending account to pay the dues. Never did I imagine how important losing weight would be for my health.

During the summer of 2006, I had a heart attack, which required a stent and double bypass surgery. The doctors were very surprised that it could happen to a person so young, but I was very thankful that I had gotten closer to my goal weight by the time this occurred. I believe that I was able to recover more quickly because of the progress I had already made.

I used to be the type of person that put self-care pretty far down on her to-do list. I was always busy with work and my family. Since then, I have learned that taking care of me is a way to be a good mother. Not only am I able to be present for my children, but they're learning from my example how important diet and activity are.

I'm learning salsa dance, which is something I always wanted to do—and my knees don't hurt like they used to. I have also become unabashedly girly: I love swishy skirts, high heels and silhouettes that show off my skinnier frame. I even wear sleeveless tops now without feeling self-conscious!

The reward for reaching the goal that I originally promised myself was a professional belly dance costume. But I decided I didn't need to wait, and designed my own teal and silver bedlam set (a two-piece outfit worn by belly dancers). For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable showing off my belly to the world! Now, what I want to do when I reach my goal weight is to perform in a restaurant. With a little more practice and toning, I know I can do it!

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