A Mom and Role Model

Emily after
Emily before
 When she sees me eating healthy food, she wants to eat healthy food. And when she sees me exercise, she wants to exercise. 
*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

When Emily overheard someone in a restaurant call her fat, it was the last straw. She decided to lose the weight and set a good example for her daughter.


Two years after the birth of my daughter I hadn’t lost any weight, and I felt bad about myself. I also felt very out of shape and had trouble keeping up with my athletic husband and child. I was embarrassed to see anyone from my past who might remember me being thinner. The last straw came when I went out to eat last year and overheard someone call me fat. Even though I know you shouldn’t lose weight because of what others may think of you, it gave me the little push I needed to wake up and really see myself.

I followed the Weight Watchers plan in college and remembered it was easy to follow and worked well, so I decided to join Weight Watchers meetings and give the Program a try again.

On using PointsPlus®

I really like the weight loss system and how it is very compatible with a clean eating lifestyle. PointsPlus has taught me that I can still enjoy all the foods that I used to love, I just need to be mindful of not eating them as frequently or in such a great quantity.

Staying motivated

I was very motivated when I saw the way my running improved while on the Program. Steady weight loss coupled with dramatic improvements in my fitness level helped keep me on track and let me know I’d be successful. I can run farther and faster now, and I don’t want to give that up. I can now say I'm athletic and I run five days a week. I’ve run a 5K and am considering a half-marathon, too.

Being a role model for others

I feel like a good role model for my daughter, who now sees me living a healthy and active life. When she sees me eating healthy food, she wants to eat healthy food. And when she sees me exercise, she wants to exercise. It just feels awesome. My success on the Program has also helped encourage several family members, neighbors and coworkers to either try Weight Watchers or to modify their eating habits and be more active.

Increased confidence

I hit my goal weight of 140 pounds about six months after starting the Program. As a personal reward for my success, I bought some new clothes. I feel like I have more self-confidence now, which shows in my interactions with other people. I believe this confidence will ultimately help me to be more successful in my career as a speech language pathologist.

Emily’s Tips
  • Weight Watchers can help remind you that you’re strong and powerful.
  • PointsPlus can also help you become more athletic and achieve fitness goals.
  • PointsPlus allows you eat the foods you love, but reminds you to be careful to not eat too much of them.