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From Weight Watchers, a common-sense family guide to weight management.
Weight Watchers has helped millions of people worldwide lose weight and keep it off. Now, as the global epidemic of adult and childhood obesity gets more and more serious, Weight Watchers expands its focus to the family with the publication of Family Power, a comprehensive guide to weight management for parents and children.

Family Power answers the most common questions about family weight-management issues in a friendly, practical way, including information about children’s unique requirements for weight management and the importance of parents as role models and “change agents.” The book’s 5 Simple Rules will help parents and children work together to improve their eating and exercise habits by making small, consistent lifestyle changes; real-life stories from families who have followed the guidelines provide inspiration for the journey.

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Learn more about weight management in children by reading these articles in our Science Library:

Activity Recommendations
for Kids
The consensus of government, health organizations and medical experts is that children should be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day in all kinds of activity.

Calories and Kids
The diets that kids eat are different from adults. In the U.S., the typical child’s diet is high in fat and foods that provide a lot of calories in relation to their nutritional value.

Parental Involvement – Key to Weight Loss in Kids
Parents have tremendous power to create a lifestyle and environment that helps their children maintain a healthy weight long term.

Body Mass Index in Children
Children are not small adults when it comes to weight and weight management. Age-based BMI and weight classifications specifically for children show just how they’re different from adults.

Factors Affecting Children’s Food Choices
As enforcers of food rules, parents seek the delicate balance between setting rules about food choices and ensuring that they are followed.

Weight Loss Recommendations for Children
Current recommendations for weight loss in children aim to ensure that the child develops normally reaches a healthy weight.

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